10 Ways to Feel Less Panicked

I have been super lazy over the past 4 weeks I have got a little unorganised. I hate feeling unorganised so it's time to pull my finger out and get that changed. I also have been sleeping really badly lately and I am convinced this is because I have made a to do list in my head. I also think that it is because I have a million gazillion ideas swirling around up there too. This is my first step to feel a little less panicked. Hopefully it will stop me gasping for air just as I manage to fall asleep. So here is my to do list in an attempt to settle my brain!

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1. Dust off the Filofax. A few years ago I invested some of my first ever pay check in a beautiful black leather Filofax. It made me feel super grown up and until recently I used it religiously. I just checked and the last time I used it was on the 11th February. For some bizarre reason I have been trying to remember meetings, events, shopping lists, and important dates all in my head. This has not worked and I have constantly felt like I have forgotten something or like I am always in the wrong place. The Filofax has come out of the draw and I am genuinely excited to start using it again. I even went out a brought a pretty pink pen to write in it with.

2. iPad ban.

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 I have gone from somebody who hates the very idea of owning an iPad to becoming the girl who stays up until 2am watching rubbish YouTube videos on it. It's pretty scary how technology has taken over the world so quickly. My family got our first computer when I was 12 and I can remember arguing with my mum about using the internet whilst she wanted to use the phone...you couldn’t use both at the same time! BONKERS! Now we have google glasses, books you click through rather than flick through (although I will never own a kindle...my mother would actually disown me!) and constant notifications updating us on Princess Kate's next outfit choice. I am convinced that I am finding it hard to fall asleep because I am using the iPad just before. So no more iPad for me after 10pm. Sorry Ivy. Yes Ivy is my iPad's name. Yes I have named it. Yes if I call it Ivy in my house my family know what I am talking about. This point also leads me nicely onto point number 3....

3. Pick up a bloody book. I love books. I even started this blog by writing all about books. I love to read but since Ivy the iPad came into my life I have begun reading less and less. This will stop! I will read for 30 minutes before bed each night. Unless I am either drunk or exhausted or exhaustedly drunk. This will also hopefully help me complete my Winter Reading List which I was meant to complete yesterday but have still got 5 books to go!!!

4. Burn baby burn. I am obsessed with candles. I have a whole storage box full of candles waiting to come out of their boxes and they are all eager to fill my room with their deliciousness. Yet I don't use them! Why? Not because I don't want to or I am too precious about using them up. But because I just never ever get around to it. This will change as of..............NOW! If you come to visit me get your nostrils prepared for a wonderful time!

5. Drinking games with my pal H2O I used to drink loads of water. Now, not so much! Tomorrow I am going to try to get my 8 glasses full. I am convinced this is another reason behind why I am not sleeping so well and why I am having difficulty concentrating on anything for too long. I have even downloaded an app to keep track. At the end of the week if I drink the required amount I will reward myself with a little treat from NARS, or MAC, or Aesop, or Urban Decay....

6. Declutter

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I am by no means a hoarder. I have moved 3 times in the last 4 years so I have culled all unused items many a time. This year I moved to a much smaller flat which does not allow for piles of stuff to be stashed away. I am going to get my declutter head back on during the month of May. I may even set up a Bluntsbookblog second-hand shop for books that are looking for a nice gal/chap to give them a loving home. A decluttered house= a decluttered mind. Plus there is nothing that I love doing more than decluttering and organising cupboards and draws. I'm serious. There really is nothing that I love more!

7. Pamper night. I am a Birchboxer and Aesop addict. Every time I go to Aesop it seems as if they give me 50 million samples to use which I freaking adore! Every Wednesday night shall now become pamper night. I will put a good movie on, run a hot steaming bubble bath with one of the many Lush products that I have, light candles, glug some water (or wine) and work through my every growing sample box. It shall start tonight. I have some Biore nose strips that I am desperate to try out and some new moisturizer too. I think it is so important to have some time alone to yourself and to do things that you enjoy. For me its pamper night. For others it might be watching a football match, doing a crossword, playing a computer game (all of which are things that I do not like doing). Go on take the time to do it. Treat yourself. I guarantee you will feel calmer and more generous of spirit.

8. Laugh uncontrollably. There is absolutely nothing in the whole wide world that I love more than laughing. (I have said that a lot in this post). I think laughter is the greatest therapy. So how am I going to laugh more? By spending time with the people I love. Family, The Boy, and friends. I am making time for them all. To the ones I haven't seen in a while...I sorry I'm crap at keeping in touch. You will hear from me soon. That is a promise!!!

9. Turn those dreams into a reality.

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I think half the time I feel all whizzy up in my head is because I have so many ideas of new things to do in school, things that I want to learn, courses I want to take and projects that I want to start. From now on these will no longer be dreams cluttering up my head space. They will instead become things that I devote time to. Things that I put into action. I am not scared about failing. I am scared about not trying.

10. Get those thoughts out onto paper...well a blog. Get them out onto a blog. I have a million and one thoughts. Things that I am worried about, excited about, concerned about, fearful about, happy about and these too (along with my dreams) jumble my head all up like scrambled egg. Even writing this list has helped me. I have been inspired by The Everygirl's 30 day challenge of keeping a journal for, funny enough, 30 whole days. Instead of using an actual notebook and paper I will use this darling blog of mine to journal away my life for the next 30 days. (Mainly because I have awful handwriting and can't spell.) It may be just one line. It may be a full-blown essay. It might be personal. It might be random thoughts about the world. It might be just the thing to make me sleep normally again. Hopefully some of these ideas may even help you too. Let me know if they do.

Sophie x


Sophie is the blogger behind Bluntsbookblog (a personal lifestyle blog) and Dear Women, we care. X (a blogging community that is trying to change the world for all women out there.) You can also find her at sophie_blunt on Twitter. She is passionate about equality, beauty products and travel. If not at her laptop blogging she can be found teaching or spending time doing crazy things with the people she loves.


  1. I love your list! It's pretty reflective of some things I've been dying to do/change recently (especially reading an actual book more and putting away the iPad before bed). And the candles. I have a ton of candles and nice makeup that I never use because I don't want to "use it up,", but I bought it to use it..funny how that works. Looking forward to the 30 Day Challenge :)

    1. Ah thank you so much. That is very sweet of you! Throw caution to the wind and burn those candles!!!!

      Sophie x