Animal Testing On Cosmetics Revealed

As mentioned in my previous post, when I first found out that some cosmetics and/or their ingredients were tested on animals, I was so upset. It really made me think of my rabbit I had when I was little (his name was Spandol...children have amazing imaginations) and my two guinea pigs (they were called Bubble and Squeak, named after one of my grandmother's regular dishes to use leftovers - one looked cute like a bubble, the other was a constant squeaker). Why do humans do such cruel things just for our beauty? This led me to delve in and try clearing it up.

After hours of research, I came to the following conclusions:

Testing cosmetics and their ingredients has already been banned inside the E.U. and now so is bringing them into the E.U. after testing outside of the E.U. (bit of a complicated sentence O_o). However, a company may use an ingredient that has been tested on animals in the past from results of research, but are not allowed to test new ingredients themselves or get another company to do it regardless of whether either of them are in the E.U. or not.

Phew...I hope that wasn't too complicated for you...anyway, let's move on.

When shopping to re-stock your supplies, it is actually quite complicated to find products/companies that don't support testing on animals. Whilst PETA have a good, frequently updated guide to most cosmetics companies and whether or not they test (or get another company to do it for them), I tend to find the more expensive brands left that are pricey because they are organic or all natural, plus I have to actually remember a huge list. Don't get me wrong, that is totally not a bad thing, but for someone like me on a lower budget (and a bad memory), I cannot really afford them. So what is a girl like me supposed to do?

Well, of course, I trusted those that write 'this product is not tested on animals' or 'this product is cruelty-free'. Now, if you are naive like me, too, you wouldn't think for a second to research the parent company behind the brand name. After I did that to a few of my favourite brands, I discovered the disappointing truth. They are actually sneaky with how they word this. They simply tell you the product itself has not been tested on animals but do not mention the word 'ingredients'. Unless they sell their cosmetics in places like China, where the cosmetics industry is worth £16 billion and animal testing is mandatory (although they are thinking of 'easing' their laws in June), when companies make that claim on their product, most of the time it is true, however, for those selling in China, they would have been tested in or outside of China, but not in the E.U., meaning it has effectively been tested on animals. No idea how they get away with this. Large sums of money and secret deals pop into my head, though...

See? I told you rats are cute, too!

Even though a brand may say their product has not been tested on animals, they most likely have used ingredients that were tested in the past, just not tested by them. They would have done their research to find reports about ingredients that have already been tested so they can happily sell their cosmetics legally, still supporting animal testing and wording it so that consumers like us think their product is entirely cruelty-free. I feel like such a fool for believing them, but somehow the marketing worked on me.

So, my personal conclusion is that I have no choice but to believe the brands that tell me their products have not been tested on animals and avoid any that don't, because in reality most parent companies have used ingredients that were tested in the past. All I can do is trust that they do not test themselves and use research to know what is safe and pledge to never ever test themselves, not even if they find a new ingredient that is some kind of miracle. After all of this research, I firmly believe that cosmetics testing on animals is going to stop soon.

I hope this has cleared things up a little for anyone who was feeling confused about it (like me) and aided towards your own personal decision on what cosmetics you will and won't buy from now on.

Love, Miss Emma-Lily xx

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