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In just over a week, I'll be here:


I went here with my other half in 2010 and have been dying to go back ever since.The hotel itself is so damn big that they give you a map upon arrival so you can find your room, and it has the most amazing infinity pool. I mean, seriously, look:


I've never been on holiday with a "bikini ready body". I'm curvy and booby and have a wonderful relationship with food including pasta, potatoes and bread, so the thought of toning up never really appealed to me.

Last summer, I made a few significant changes to my life, and with that, I promised to take better care of my body.

I recently saw Millie Macintosh post "Strong is the new sexy" on her Instagram page and I couldn't agree more. I've taken up rowing at the gym (full body work out, yay) after being inspired by the British Olympians Katherine Copeland and Sophie Hosking.

I normally get bored of doing the same thing at the gym, but rowing is the first thing that I've found works for me - maybe it's the therapeutic movement? Who knows.


Although I won't get time to before I leave for my holiday, I have vowed to sign up to contemporary dance lessons at City Academy and, if I'm brave enough, street dance at the Pineapple Studios.

Both my parents used to break dance in the 80s and sometimes I like to pretend I've got a natural, hidden talent for dance. I don't, but I still enjoy it. One day I'll have abs like Briana Evigan from Step Up 2 and who knows, maybe even dance in the rain or twerk in a dance lesson the way she did too.


Ellie Goulding is my final fitness pin-up, I think she's an incredible woman for people my age to look up to.

Her involvement with Nike shows just how hard she works to stay in shape, and I like that she doesn't hide behind personal trainers or private gym walls; I think it's good for people to see how celebs achieve their toned bodies, even if it's by something as simple as running.

Who are your fitness pin-ups?

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