Skin Types and Tips

In order to create your perfect skincare routine, you need to identify your skin type. If you already know yours, skip this part. Otherwise, here is a quick test to help you find out.

When you wake up in the morning (or afternoon), before doing anything to your face, grab a piece of paper (avoid using a tissue if possible as it will be absorbent/not show results very well) and wipe it over the t-zone: the chin, nose and forehead.
  • Normal skin won't show any traces of oil or flakes of dead skin, will feel smooth and bouncy as well as having an even tone and medium-sized pores. With it being not too oily and not too dry, it is the least problematic skin type and doesn't break out much (it should not react to any products, either and doesn't change depending on the season or time of day) - think of yourself as one lucky ducky if your skin is like this.
  • Dry skin will show dead skin flakes and feel tight; it has small pores and might occasionally be irritated/itchy or sometimes have patches of redness. Fine lines and wrinkles usually develop more quickly and become visible faster than usual  - face masks and moisturiser are key!
  • Oily skin will show grease and look shiny on all or most parts of your face due to large pores overproducing oil. It is also prone to acne, but less prone to aging and wrinkling - selecting gels or special oils over creams will help keep it clean.
  • Combination skin is like normal skin, but will show only a little oil or dead skin usually from the t-zone and changes depending on the season or weather. It can be prone to spots in the t-zone and is normal/dry on the cheeks. It is best to use products designed for each type of skin in the corresponding areas.
  • Sensitive skin usually feels irritated or itchy, dry (before or after using products on your face), has small pores and is prone to flushing. A little dead skin might show, too. As the most problematic skin type, it usually requires special products made just for sensitive skin; they are usually alcohol and fragrance-free.
In order to maintain healthy, young and fresh-looking skin, it is important to really look after it. Make sure to drink lots of water, at least eight glasses a day and get enough sleep (at least seven hours, although eight is best...are you picking up a theme here too? O_o), eat healthily (juice and mix your greens to make them tastier - experimentation is fun; recipes coming soon) and after taking a bath or shower, pat your skin dry with a soft towel, but make sure you leave your face a little damp before starting your skin routine. This will help lock the moisture in. Also, try not to wear make-up to bed; it ages your face by drying it out.

How cute are these Hello Kitty soaps!? Unfortunately I will probably never try'll find out why in my post about cleanser!

Anyway, there you have it! A quick and easy way to identify your skin type as well as a few tips! I hope some of you found this useful. Until next time!

Love, Miss Emma-Lily xx

[My name is Emma-Lily from Miss Emma-Lily's little blog (more about me here) and I'm just getting going in the blogging world! A 23-year-old avid writer from England writing guides to beauty and fashion, food and lifestyle posts, as well as reviews on cheap alternatives to the high street! Find me on twitter and facebook!]

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