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Illustrations from series TWO | BOB Tight Quarters and the Land of Cherries
The art of bending wire and words
Creativity and it’s many forms.

In an attempt to do something different, Nia Dara discovered a sleeping talent waiting beneath the surface ready to present it’s self. But before we begin there, let’s go back a bit to the beginning. Nia a native New Yorker, has been in many ways ALWAYS called to the fashion and beauty industries since she was a girl. As early as seventeen a work experience in a high fashion jewelry showroom, working as a production assistant was an unexpected game changer.  Just months after her first days work, she was discovered for modeling while simply taking her lunch break. It was a whirl wind love affair for the industry. She couldn’t get enough, she was hooked. Upon leaving her hard working nine to five job, of meticulous wire and bead work, she took away a passion for working with metals and her hands. It would be five years later before that passion would present it’s self as a mere hobby and necessity. The hobby quickly turned to an obsession and before long she was whittling fine threads of gold and silver around semi precious stones. Nia found her work extremely gratifying, and loved that she was able to make quality jewelry that did not effect her sensitive skin. The world at large was also largely infatuated with her unique peaces. Her collections were an assortment of accessories from necklaces, to earrings, watches and later handbags. 

Nia, fashion influencer, wearing an original NiaDara NewYork necklace “Dragonflies” in cooper and DVF dress.

For a few years accessory design was her main focus, but life has a way of stepping in when you’re busy making plans. Her creative pursuits were shelved for more pressing matters. It would be a few years in the making before her vision would rear itself again. The last few years have been of enormous change and growth. In an attempt to relax, Nia once again picked up her tools and started making jewelry.  Now in need of developing an online presence for a budding business, and began building her site. Learning along the way about “content,” “blogging, “ and other buzz words. Nia soon realized that she need an online voice, a presence that would speak to her consumers. After hours upon hours of studying her favorite blogs and brands. She realized she wanted to create a different voice, one that would entertain and inspire the readers to come back again and again. Before long, Nia Dara New Yorks “Adventures in Fashion,” was born. AIF (Adventures in Fashion) Now known as the “Style Deities Diaries.” Nia found herself creating day and night, but it wasn't bending wire, she was bending words. She fell in love with developing her digital magazine series, and could think of nothing else. Before she knew it she was headed down a whole new creative direction. Nia wanted to engage her readers with stories they could connect too. She began writing about herself and her girlfriends and their stylish misadventures and the pursuit of love. She used the names of her accessories collections as the names that would inspire the characters. Mother Nature, Peace Maker, Glamour Goddess and DeVa Warrior. Each woman with a distinct style profile and voice. They represent anyone woman, but they are not every woman. They’re unapologetic attitude for life, love and the pursuit of high fashion, is a breath of fresh blogging air in a highly saturated market.

Casetify Design from the Style Deities Series | BOB 

For your entertainment, The series of the Style Deities Diaries is more then a collection of stories, it is a journey between friends and a place of discovery. If you’ve ever fallen for characters in the books you’ve loved, if you’ve ever wanted more from their world, their diaries is the place to do just that. As you read through any particular volume you will find and discover fashion and lifestyle brands. Hyperlinks will take you the items that you are looking to find out more information on. Take the Style Deity Quiz, click through the galleries listen to soundtracks, if you want to get closer to your favorite goddess heroines. Sign up for the subscription will get you first peaks to their fabulous wears and locations. 

Latest Instagram pics promoting DVF fall 2014/ Jumper in Purple haze & boa prints for  @wowcracy #cttoutfit  #voguetalents

Lastly, you maybe wondering, “what happened to the jewelry?” Nia is still designing accessories by inquiry only at this time. Limited edition pieces inspired by the styles of the characters, who essentially were inspired by the collections. Giveaways of the collection will be available for the holiday season with sign up and contest participation. She is also designing Casetify mobile phone case covers from the art in the publications. As Nia Dara New York continues to grow so will the availability of these items.

 So go on, and get yourself lost… the Style Deities are waiting!

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