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Ladies, today we are here to talk about Chelsea from Heaven With a Wild Side. She's a mom, a wife, and a fierce blogger! I love that she isn't afraid to be honest and voice her opinions! And she's got some great life journeys to share along the way!

Check out our Q&A with Chelsea and at the end, there's a little something for you!

1. Why did you start your blog and how did it get it's name?

I started my blog when I was a stay-at-home mom because I was looking to connect. I chose the name Heaven With a Wild Side because it describes me perfectly! I am a sinner saved by grace, but I like to push the limits and definitely have a past that I've learned from.

2. Link three of your all-time favorite posts you've written! 

My all-time favorite posts are:

3. How do you find inspiration to post when you're having writer's block?

Writer's block just sucks, let me just say that! I find inspiration to post during those times by looking at blogs I love to follow. I also like to focus on a favorite quote or picture to get the ball rolling. That's the great thing about blogging is the sky's the limit. I can write about anything I want!

4. Tell us about your weight loss journey.

My weight loss journey has been a rollercoaster ride, until recently. I've tried so many diets and programs for years, but a friend of mine recently introduced me to Shaklee. I began the Shaklee 180 program and lost 10 pounds and 23.5 inches in a little over a month and I've never felt better. I am still doing the program until I reach my goal weight, but I feel more beautiful and confident than I ever have! I believe in this company and have become so passionate about it, that it's become my second income on the side.

5. Tell us about your family!

I have been married to my husband, Nathan, for 3 years. Nathan and I met in college in 2007 and were best friends for about a year and a half before we started dating. He is my best friend and there's no one I'd rather do life with. Nathan and I have a little boy, Cole, who will be two in October. Cole is very strong-willed, stubborn, and adorable. He is all-boy and is constantly dirty, falling off of things, and getting into everything he shouldn't. We also have a German Shepherd, Bailey, who belonged to me before we got married. I found her living out of the dumpster behind the school where I taught in Columbus.

6. What is one thing you want new readers to know about you?

My new readers should know that I am always honest and blunt. My posts come straight from the heart and while they are often very to the point and blunt, they are always honest. 

7. Share a post that always brings a smile to your face.

This post always brings a smile to my face because it came directly out of my mouth. It was also the first post I wrote as a blogger that stirred up quite a lot of conversation! This post made me realize how powerful a blog really can be when you have something to say. 

8. If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

If I could have dinner with anyone I would choose Tim Tebow. I would love to hear, personally, about his journey, how God has blessed him beyond measure, and how he's not afraid to share his faith. Besides, what woman wouldn't want to have dinner with Tim Tebow?

9. What would you say to other women who have been struggling with self image?

I would tell those women that the world does not define our beauty. We are unique and beautiful creations of God. They are beautiful and it's not outward appearance that makes up true beauty. I recently wrote a post about defining our true inner beauty.

10. Tell us your favorite joke!

I'm not sure what my favorite joke is, but lately this picture has been making me laugh over and over. Every time I look at it I laugh!

Please take some time to go visit Chelsea and browse around her blog! And use the widget below to enter to win a FREE Featured Post about YOU!


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