Rob Ryall, Founder of DateinaDash is here to answer our questions about his Speed Dating and Singles Party company! Check out the Q&A below!

1.      Tell us a little about your company, Date in a Dash. What services do you offer?

Launched in 2011, DateinaDash is a Speed Dating & Singles Party company offering a wide range of events for Single People of all ages. With over 7,500 customers we are London’s busiest Speed Dating company and the fastest growing. Our bread and butter, so to speak, is the Speed Dating format where even numbers of men and women date one another for four minutes before the guys move along to join a new table. We also run some quirky events such as our Singles Pub Crawl which is a more informal event with drinking games & dancing.

Our larger events have catered for 450 people and these are held several times a year. We have grown phenomenally in the last 12 months and this is due to the success of our events; 75% of people who attend get at least 1 match! Plus, 10% of our customers come via word of mouth or recommendations so that says a lot, too we think! We also offer a 100% ‘No Match’ guarantee which means if you don’t meet anyone you’d like to see again you can come again for FREE!  We also have some of the best venues in the capital including the exclusive Roof Gardens in Kensington and Funky Buddha in Mayfair.

2.      How did Date in a Dash come about?

I attended a poorly ran Speed Dating event from a rival company back in June 2011 and I could see the potential in the business model and was blown away by how popular it was. Being single myself it seemed like a really fun way to meet girls and make some money at the same time but I didn’t dream it would become my full time job or that I’d still be doing it three years later.

3.      Who can benefit from using your website? What can visitors expect to find?

We are one of the very few companies who really have something for everyone! We have events for age groups 18-30 right the way up to 36-55. We have events on different days of the week and even hold some in the mornings and afternoons, too to accommodate the needs of all our customers.

If you’re recently single, new to London or just looking to make some new friends then our events are a great way to do that! Our friendly team of experienced speed dating hosts are always on hand to meet new guests, break the ice and make the whole experience wonderful. Our visitors can expect to find a vast array of unique dating experiences including Wine Tasting evenings, Cocktail Making, Quiz Nights & lots, lots more!

4.      Tell us about some of your success stories!

I think the biggest success story that has come out of this business is my own! I met my girlfriend of nearly three years at the fourth event I held back in Richmond in March 2012 and we’ve recently moved in together. Of course, there are dozens of other great stories out there, we have had over 4,500 matches since we started and over 8,000 messages have been sent back and forth between these people! I am always hearing about customers going on dates, so it really does work!

5.      What would you say to someone who wants to get out there and date but is nervous about attending one of your events?

Don’t be! About 90% of the people who attending our events come on their own, everyone is in the same boat and feeling a little nervous. All our venues are exclusive hire so when you walk in you know there isn’t going to be anyone else other than those at the event there. Our team of hosts are there to mix with guests, introduce one another and make sure everyone has a really positive experience!

6.      Do you have a screening process for people who are eligible to attend your events?

Nope, our events are open to everyone, from all walks of life, ages, disabilities, career paths, etc. Sometimes we will have age restrictions and we have the occasional event where it’s geared towards an ‘Elite’ or ‘Professional’ crowd but on the whole everyone is welcome!

7.      How do your scorecards work?

Our scorecards have a ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Friend’ column, this gives guests the option to mark someone as a ‘Friend’ as opposed to ‘No’. Two ‘Yes’ ticks is a match, two ‘Friend’ ticks is a match and a ‘Yes’ and ‘Friend’ is a ‘Friend’ match, too. The only way people won’t be matched is if one person puts the other as a ‘No’. Some of the other companies make their guests submit their own matches but we found that half the time people forget or don’t do it for a few days, so we collect the cards in and make sure they’re uploaded by 5pm the following day.

8.      What are the different types of events you host?

We have the widest range of dating events out of all the companies in London. We host Speed Dating, Lock & Key Parties, Bowling Parties, Wine Tasting, Cocktail Making, Singles Pub Crawls and even Blindfold Dating events where guests don’t even see who they’re dating until the end! And very soon we are launching a brand new event very soon called Play Date which will feature activities on each date such as board games or playing Twister.

9.      Would you suggest coming to events solo, or with friends?

I think people probably get more out of the evening when they come on their own, quite often I see large groups of girls turn up and they rely too heavily on their friends being there and this means they don’t have to talk to the guys at the bar. The reason you’re going is to meet new people and have this experience so leave your friends at home and if you do bring them embrace the evening!

10. What is your favourite part about working for Date in a Dash?

I really enjoy hosting the events and meeting all the different people who attend them. My favourite event is definitely the Pub Crawl because it’s just a fun night out with a group of people and I’m being paid to do it! What isn’t there to love? The best satisfaction is when you host an event with a great crowd of people and you can feel the positive energy and hear all the talking, and it’s particularly rewarding when you do the matches and find out that lots of people hit it off! 100% job satisfaction.

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