Every Good Blogger

  • Is a twenty-something. Because a 32 year old is no longer relevant.
  • Has a passion for vino, but just enough to be remain classy.
  • Has a dog. Who conveniently blogs too, on occasion. 
  • Worships Chrissy Teigen and tries too hard to match her one-liner talent on Twitter.
  • Thinks all the ones who made it "big" are sell outs. It's about the writing. But would totally sell out for the right price.
  • Hasn't checked her blog stats. For the past 17 seconds. She's fasting.

  • Is either hitched to the most fantastic guy on the planet or is single and online dating doesn't give a f*ck!
  • Clearly states she isn't a fashion blogger so she's covered until she can find someone to take pictures of her OOTD.
  • Is just conceited enough to think that people will care about what she says, but not too conceited that she's unlikable. 
  • Sells ad space just to make new friends.
  • Has a strong opinion to share. But not strong enough to cost her readers.
  • Secretly wishes she thought of that link up.
  • Thinks other people's weekend updates and pregnancy posts are so lame, but will totally post them herself. "Wrap-up posts are so last year. Why does no one care what I'm craving this week??"

  • Wants you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight stay a while.
  • Really loves X brand cleaning spray. And you will too! Use code KICKBACK for 30% off!
  • Blogs about her entire life, but rarely mentions blogging in her real life.
  • Only uses 3 of the 10 beauty products she blogs about in her skincare post. And usually the cheaper versions.
  • Every few posts will mention how "only my mom reads this" to keep herself grounded.
  • Really loves every single one of you. But really only the ones who followed her on GFC. The rest of you are like free loaders.

  • Won't get mad at this post.

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  1. I'm 32 and definitely not old! I'm gone with the wind fabulous