Heal Your New Piercing Naturally With These Tips

Most of us have our ears pierced, be it just that piercing you have or a few others as well, learning how to take care of them properly is crucial. If you have just got a new piercing - maybe you have finally built up the courage to get your nose pierced, it’s essential that you know how to keep it clean.

Don’t want to be left with a nasty infection - yes, this does happen, or unsightly scars? Then you need to make sure that you are taking care of any new piercings properly. So how do you go about this - what’s the process for proper piercing care?


This guide should hopefully, help you to keep any new piercing that you have, looking and feeling good. All you need to do is take note of the tips below, and your new piercings will heal in no time.

Take a salt bath

According to piercing specialists, taking a salt bath is fantastic for new piercings. From ear and belly button piercings to a helix or nose piercing, salt water works amazingly well. This is because salt - yes, even those scented bath salts, helps to fight infections and increase the speed at which wounds heal.

While you could use regular kitchen salt for your bath, for a relaxing soak, scented salts are a must. Both Body Shop and Lush do some lovely bath salts, so visit your local store or their website to pick some up.

Apply aloe vera

Many of us make the mistake of thinking that aloe vera is only beneficial for burns, but that’s not the case. Aloe vera is actually a natural antibacterial substance, so for healing piercings, it’s amazing. Plus, because it’s all natural, you don’t need to stress about any irritation occurring.

To use aloe vera to help heal your ears, invest in a plant or a tube of pure aloe vera gel - the Forever Living Aloe Vera Gelly is fantastic. Mix a small amount of fresh gel or gelly from a tube with cooled, boiled water and place in a spray bottle. Then, two to three times a day, spray your new piercing with the mixture - this will prevent infection and speed up healing.

Use tea tree oil

tea tree.jpg

Many professional piercers swear by using tea tree oil to treat new piercings, due to it’s natural antibiotic properties. Because of how gentle and non-irritating this substance is, it can be used all over the body. This includes the ears, nose, mouth, and stomach, all prime piercing areas.

So wherever your piercing is on your body, tea tree oil can be used to help it heal, it is also fantastic for reducing scarring caused by piercings. As well as helping the healing process, tea tree oil is also amazing for soothing reactive piercings. Sometimes, a piercing is not accepted by the body, luckily, tea tree oil can help remedy this.

To ensure that your piercings heal properly and don’t cause you any problems, using natural treatments is the best option. From aloe vera to bath salts, there are so many fantastic natural products that can help to speed up healing.


  1. Great post ! Thanks for share.

  2. At first thanks to this useful and informative article writers. I searched this topics on google and failed consecutively .......and finally i got this post. i am so happy by reading this post !
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  3. Okay, what? Just came across this when searching about if anyones used aloe on piercings before but shouldn't really need to be diluted in water, also from the plant would be best... But also - don't use scented salt for a bath to soak your piercings in at all! ONLY sea salt should be used. Lastly, you should always dilute tea tree oil and most other oils with a carrier (jojoba would work well in this case) since 100% oil on its own is too damn harsh.

    1. *well for tea tree you can also just dilute with water - but gosh definitely not straight on.

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  5. As a professional, experienced body modification expert, I can truly say that this article is a crock of absolute male cow excrement. You’re putting people in danger by feeding them false information. Using tea tree or aloe, even though they are “natural”, is asking for trouble. How do I know? Because they do not occur naturally in our bodies. Tee tree contains chemicals which eats away proteins, meaning all that nice new tissue that is trying to grow the fistula (pocket of scar tissue that heals around a piercing) is getting removed by the oil.
    I’m sick of articles just like this one as it feeds false information to people based on someone’s opinion. A lot of people come to my shop when they have problems with piercings they have from other shops that tell them to use these methods, so have seen first hand how distructive they can be to the piercings. Please stop trying to give advice on something you know absolutely nothing about.

    1. What's the best way to heal a navel piercing and prevent infection and scarring?

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