The Do's And Don'ts of Airport Fashion

It doesn’t matter if you’re flying to another state or jetting off to a luxury beach location; your airport travel outfit needs to be right. Planes and airports are not the more comfortable places and wearing the wrong clothes could make you feel even more uncomfortable. This is not ideal no matter how long your flight is. Your airport fashion choices should be useful, look fantastic and make you feel at ease. So if you’re taking a flight somewhere in the near future, read these do’s and don’ts to create the perfect outfit.

Do: Layer
Layers should be an essential part of your airport outfit. Delays, queues and changes in temperature will not be fun if you’re too hot or cold before and during your flight. Hoodies, sweaters and trench coats are ideal as they are lightweight and can help you regulate your temperature. Look through your wardrobe and experiment with layering options. Oversized shirts another fabulous layering option. You can then store them in your hand luggage or wear them as you get on board. You can then add or remove layers as often as you wish. Remember to consider your final destination and check the weather forecast to help you decide on a suitable outfit.

Don’t: Set off the metal detectors
Jewellery can really bring your outfit to life. But wearing too much of it could hold up lines and set off the metal detectors as you check in. Taking off masses of necklaces, bracelets and earrings will hold up the queue and make you unpopular with the airport staff. So keep your jewellery to a minimum or opt for plastic and fabric jewellery instead. Also, make sure you can remove it quickly and have somewhere safe to store it as it goes through the necessary security checks.

Do: Wear sensible footwear
While your favourite heels might make your outfit look better, they are not ideal for travelling in. Stick to sneakers, flat boots and ballet pumps to keep your feet comfortable at all times. This will also assist your movement throughout the cabin and in the airport. Just make sure you can take them off easily to get through security swiftly.

Don’t: Wear anything too tight
Wearing clothing that is too tight is never a good idea when travelling. It can constrict and stress out your body making you feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. This is not ideal when you’re going to be sat down for hours on end. Consider wearing the loose tunic tops women often wear on vacation. They are loose, flattering and go well with leggings and jeans. Alternatively, you could also wear a loose blouse, an A-line skirt or jumpsuit that will allow you to move with ease. Try on your outfit before you leave and do some basic stretches to see how much you can move around. Limited movement is dangerous on planes and can result in blood blots and even strokes.

These tips will help you create a travel outfit that you love to wear. Have fun experimenting and trying a new look to show off your style and personality even when you're onboard.

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