Everything You Need To Help Your Friend Feel Good Again

Even when you’re young, fit and healthy, things in life can get on top of you and make you feel pretty awful. There are plenty of times when just having a good cry is enough to get over a disappointment. But there are other times when you just don’t feel the vibe for the good life for a while. If you’ve got a friend who failed an exam or just broke up from a long-term relationship, they may need you to be there more than ever. Here are some great tips for helping your friend feel fab again:

I love the smell of fresh flowers. If you’re going to bring flowers to your friend, choose a lovely fresh bouquet. Some flowers have certain meanings like Anthuriums mean happiness, and Daffodils mean fresh starts. If you’re stuck for inspiration, take a look at A Touch Of Class Florist for some bouquet ideas. Turning up with something beautiful in your hand will certainly help cheer your friend up.

Sometimes the answer to feeling fab is looking fab. If you’ve got a great haul of beauty products then why not settle in for a girly night with your friend. Make a couple of cocktails, and then try out a couple of new looks. A makeover might be all it takes to put the smile back on her face. After all, looking incredible makes all of us feel more confident in ourselves.

When we’re feeling a bit down, most of us retreat under the duvet for a good, long sulk. But getting out there and doing something fun is usually the best remedy. Why not grab a pair of tickets for the cinema, a gig, or even the theatre and treat your friend to an awesome event. It will be a great distraction, and will help lift her mood. Best of all, the pair of you can spend some quality time together doing something you’ll both love.

A weekend away doesn’t have to be reserved for romantic breaks. Friends can certainly have a great escape too. A city break can be ideal for easy access to the best nightclubs, restaurants and comedy clubs. Getting away from it all might be just the thing your friend needs to forget her woes for a few days. And who knows what you might get up to while you’re touring the city?

A bit of pampering and massage can eliminate all your stresses. It could be pretty good for your friend as well! The pair of you could enjoy a spa day, or make it a whole weekend of luxury treatments and gourmet meals, lounging about in a bathrobe. Then you can head home relaxed and refreshed, ready to take on the whole world.

A true friend goes above and beyond the necessary when her friend is in need. Being miserable isn’t much fun, but being alone when you’re feeling like that is not good at all. Head round to your friend’s place and give her the cheering up she needs. Don’t forget the chocs!

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