Improve Your Blog In 5 Easy Steps

Worried that your blog isn’t succeeding as much as you were hoping? If so, you might be making some fundamental errors - and this guide is for you. We’re going to take you through a simple, five-step process to get things back on track. Follow these easy rules and you should start to see more success.

Fit for purpose?
Your first step in this simple process is an easy one - but so many new bloggers get it wrong. What, exactly, is your blog about? Are you tackling a niche subject, or just splurging your thoughts onto the web with abandon? All blogs need a focus if they want to succeed, be it within a niche or otherwise. Give your site a clear purpose, and you will give your customers a reason for being there - and for coming back.

Set up goals?
It’s vital that you have a flexible set of targets set up if you want your blog to succeed. Having goals in place means that you can measure your success or failures, and they make it easier for you to see where you are going wrong. Now, the goals you choose are up to you and are defined by what you want from your blog. So, let’s say you wish to be the top authority in your particular niche. Your first goal should be to target lots of signups from people in your industry. Then, once you have a captive audience who love what you do, you can take things a step further by selling them an ebook.

Connect with others?
If you want more success, it’s important to reach out and connect with authority bloggers in your industry and niche. Involve yourself in their conversations, and write about what they say on your blog. If you can build a relationship with them, then they will share your work with their followers, meaning more visitors to your site. Also, think about writing guest posts. Take a look at this fascinating guide to a guest posting tool to help you see what it’s all about. The more places you can reach, the more people will start to take notice of you - it’s that simple.

What do your readers want?
Another big mistake made by rookie bloggers is that they write for themselves. It's fine to do if you are a published author or a big industry cheese. But for a beginner blogger? It’s a bad move. You have to look closer to what your readers want to read. Check your analytics for your most popular posts, and work out why they took off. Give your visitors more of the same, either in ideas, style, or topic. Find the theme that is successful and keep improving it - and stop doing what doesn’t work.

Same old stuff?
The last step is all about mixing up your content. There is a broad range of things you can try when it comes to content, and it will make your blog a lot more appealing to more people. Some folks don’t like reading 2,000-word posts and prefer infographics instead. Maybe you can pick up some new fans with a video or two - or maybe even a podcast. Mix things up a little and you should see more success.

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  1. Great tips and I’m also thinking that before starting a blog, one should always test the waters. You should be able to figure out what exactly your target market wants. What are their questions? Their needs and wants? And how can you help them solve their problems? Without knowing this, I would never start a blog.