Make The Most Of Your Theme Park Trip With These Fantastic Tips

Whether you want to have fun on Valentine’s day with your partner or want to get away with your girls, theme parks make for an excellent day out. But long wait times, expensive food and travel expenses can make your trip less enjoyable. You could find yourself spending a fortune and still not going on as many rides as you would like. Thankfully these tips and tricks can help you save money, minimise wait times and eat as much as you like. So to plan a theme park trip that’s remembered for all the right reasons, take a look at these.

Beat the queues
Long queues can be horrible, especially if the weather isn’t brilliant. You can spend hours queuing for a roller coaster or ride that you are only on for a matter of minutes. While many theme park goers consider this to be part of the experience, there are things you can do to beat the queues. If arriving first thing, it can be tempting to follow the natural flow of the other visitors to the park. This often means the rides closest to the entrance get busy very quickly. So instead of following the crowd, head to the rides that are furthest away first. These are guaranteed to have shorter, if any, wait times and you can return to the rides at the entrance later on. Another option you have is to use your phone. Many theme parks now have apps that will tell you the approximate wait times for each of their rides. Check this throughout the day and head to the rides with the lowest waiting times first. This will ensure you get on every rides and minimise how long you have to wait for.

Be strategic with your dates to save money
Weekends, bank holidays and school holidays are always going to be busy times for theme parks. This is when a lot of families will choose to visit the parks to keep their children entertained. As well as being much busier, these peak seasons can also mean inflated ticket prices. To save you and your group some money, think carefully about when you intend to visit. Mid-week in off-peak seasons are when attraction tickets are at their lowest prices. Colder seasons will also put people off visiting, but this could again save you all money on entry. Having more than ten people in your group and booking online in advance can entitle you to discounts on tickets, food and accommodation.

Bring your own food
Theme parks are renowned for having expensive food options such as pizza, burgers and ice cream. So to save spending a fortune on your lunch, bring your own food with you. This is also ideal if you’re dieting and trying to eat healthier. You will need to check that the theme park you are visiting allows this. Otherwise, they may confiscate it from you. Look for food such as granola bars that don’t need to be kept cool and take an empty water bottle that you can fill up as and when.

With these tips, you can enjoy your theme park trip to it’s fullest, without spending too much or standing around for too long.

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