Add Some Bling To Your Look In 5 Easy Steps

From time to time, we need to update our look. It’s possible to do this while still wearing your favourite styles and trends. You just need to add a few tweaks and make a couple of small adjustments. Then your outfits will attract the right attention from all your fashionista friends. One simple way to update your look is to add more bling. Add little hints of glam and glitz to your wardrobe to make a statement. It’s easy when you know how; here is what you need to do.

Wear More Jewellry
One of the easiest and quickest ways to pimp up your wardrobe with bling is to wear more jewellery. But not just any jewellery. The pieces you choose should be bold and brash. They need to attract everyone’s attention. Think big, gold rings, like a Monogram ring or large statement necklaces covered in jewels. You can’t go wrong when you want to go bling with jewellery. Just remember – the bigger, the better!

Contrast Your Trends
Why just stick to one of this year’s trends when you can wear more at once? By contrasting and clashing trends, you will create a bold look. One that will certainly stand out from the crowd! Think about wearing a bright gold handbag and shiny silver shoes with some khaki trousers. One spin on this idea is to wear just one trend, but go wild with your colours and mix them up!

Big Eyewear
Go bold with your eyewear too. If you wear glasses all the time, think about swapping your old frames for a glamourous new pair. Cat eye glasses are big news this year and have had a big impact on all the catwalks. For an even bigger effect, pick a metallic material. Even if you don’t need prescription glasses, you can still take advantage of this tip. Buy non-prescription glasses or buy some funky sunglasses.

Wear Metallics
Probably the easiest way to be bling is to wear metallics. Golds and silvers are popular colours to wear for nights out on the town, but you can also wear them as part of your daytime look too. Metallic blouses look cute when paired with a leather skirt or chic black trousers. For a really daring evening outfit, buy some wet-look golden leggings and team them with some sky-high stilettos.

Dazzling Footwear
Talking of stilettos, your footwear can also help you ramp up your bling. Why just buy plain old black shoes when you can jazz them up with sequins and jewels! You’ll find a lot of black shoes that have extra trendy details. If you want to go more bling, choose a pair of patent gold or silver heels. You’ll also be able to find shoes covered in glitter if you look in the right shops! Even if you are wearing an understated outfit, wearing some statement shoes can take your look from drab to bling!

If you wear more bling, you’ll find your confidence, and personal style will certainly improve in no time at all!

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