How To Gently And Effectively Remove Your Makeup Without Causing Damage

For many of us, wearing makeup is something we enjoy. We can spend hours perfecting our winged eyeliner or experimenting with different eyeshadow colours. But one thing women all over the world loathe is removing their makeup. It’s crucial that we all do it, but if it takes too long or is too difficult it can feel chore-like. Scrubbing, over washing and harsh products, can cause sever damage to your skin and stop it looking as good as it could. So read these tips on how to effectively and gently remove your makeup, starting today.

Use the right cleanser
Cleansing your skin in the morning and at night should be an essential step in your skincare routine. This is the product that will remove makeup and other impurities from your skin’s surface and pores. Without it, your skin can get dry, greasy and cause blemishes and spots. But if you continually use the wrong cleanser for your skin type, the harsh chemicals can do more harm than good. So talk to a beauty expert or dermatologist to determine what kind of skin you have. This is vital information that will make it easier to buy a cleansing product that complements your skin rather than damaging it. Check the packaging or website descriptions online to find a suitable facial whitening cleanser for daily use. This will give you a more efficient and less damaging clean and improve your skin’s condition no end.

Never scrub your eyes
We all know how difficult mascara and eyeliner is to remove. It can be incredibly easy just to scrub at your eye area to try and eliminate these challenging makeup products. But this is something you should never do. The skin around your eyes is more sensitive that any other part of your face. Excess rubbing and exfoliating this area can result in wrinkles and extra sensitivity. So instead of using a makeup wipe or your fingers, try a soft cotton wool pad instead. You will also need to invest in a specially designed eye makeup remover. Place the product on the pad and hold it against your eye to allow the product to work more efficiently. You’ll get a more thorough clean without causing as much damage.

Always pat dry
Towels are a great tool for drying your face after you’ve removed your makeup. But this simple action can also be harmful to your skin if used incorrectly. Instead of rubbing your face with your towel and making it red and sensitive, pat it dry instead. This will help your skin lock in the moisture from the hot water you have used and keep it supple. Additionally, you should never use your towel as an exfoliant as this can scratch your skin making it more vulnerable.

Removing makeup can be done thoroughly and quickly if you know what you are doing. Preventing damage now can give you fabulous looking skin as you get older. So take what you have learned and see how much better your skin looks and feels by using this softer and more cautious approach.

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