How to Plan an Epic Birthday Party for Your Bestie

Getting older isn't easy for anyone, although you can learn to accept it more as time goes on. When all your friends start having big birthdays, like their 30th, it can be hard to help them deal with it. Sometimes the best thing to do is to throw the most epic party you can think of. You might want to do something to hang on to your youth, like spending the night drinking. Or perhaps a classy dinner party and a spa weekend would be more your thing. If you want to plan a birthday party for a friend, there are some important factors to think about.

Before you start planning a surprise party, have a think about whether your friend would really want it. Some people believe that anyone would be delighted with an amazing surprise. However, there are some people who just don't want something like that sprung on them. It's not that they don't like spending time with their friends, but many things about a surprise party could make them feel awkward. Perhaps they don't like being put on the spot, they like knowing what to expect, or they're just not a fan of parties. It might be better to plan the party with your friend so they can have some input.

Choosing a Setting
Deciding where you're going to have your party can be tough if you struggle with decisions. There are so many options to choose from, depending on what you want to do and your budget. The best way to start off is to think about what your friend likes and whether they have any desires. There might be somewhere they would love to go or an activity they want to try. Of course, if you're planning with them, you can just ask. Don't let distance put you off from going somewhere. If you want to leave your town, you could get a charter bus for your party. Everyone can party it up on the way there, and you won't need a designated driver.

Deciding on an Activity
A birthday party doesn't just have to be a big gathering of people, with music and drinks. There are lots of things you could do to enjoy yourselves as friends. Whether it's just you and your bestie or there's a larger group of you, you could do any number of things. The important thing to do is think about what you all enjoy doing. Don't go out partying to recapture your youth if that's not your thing. It's perfectly acceptable to go out for dinner and then have a girlie night in. You could do something active, creative, or entertaining, or spend some time being pampered.

Big or Small?
It's important to know whether you're going to have a huge party, stick to a few close friends, or do something in between. Not only does it affect your budget but it changes the tone of the party too. If you're keeping it small, you have to be careful about who you invite.

You could plan an epic party and make your friend happy for their next birthday. Ease the sting of getting a little older by treating them well.

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