Signs You've Found The Right Engagement Ring

Are you looking for an engagement ring? Some people can be really decisive when it comes to buying this ring, others not so much. If you’re in the latter category, you’re in the right place. Knowing when you’ve found the right engagement ring can be really tough. How do you know it’s the exact right one? What if she sees it and says no because you’ve picked an awful ring? Here are some signs to help you work out whether you have the right ring or not:

You Get Goosebumps/Tingles
Goosebumps and tingles are big hint that you’ve found the right ring. I like to think of them as something that can help point you in the right direction when you’re on the right track. If you lay eyes on a ring and feel really excited and tingly suddenly, I’d say that’s the one!

You Know It’ll Suit Her Personality
You need to think of your other half’s personality when ring shopping. Sure, a classy plain ring would go with just about anything, but is that what she wants. If she loves color and things that are a little different, you’re going to need to put more effort in and think outside of the box.

You’ve Looked At The Jewelry She Always Wears
Looking at the other jewelry she wears is crucial. Ignore costume jewelry, as that can come and go. Instead, look at other expensive jewelry pieces she owns, especially the ones she often wears. You want this ring to be able to be worn with them. Not exactly matching, but looking good when worn together.

You Can Imagine Giving It To Her
Can you see yourself giving this ring to her? How do you feel when you present it? Nervous? Anxious? Or full of hope and confidence? The better you feel in your visualisation, the better the occasion is likely to go.

You Know It’s Worth The Money
Engagement rings cost a lot of money, there’s no doubt about that. If you don’t mind splashing out a small fortune on this ring, then it’s the one. If you still feel like you could do better and get a better deal, then you should probably keep on looking. Sites like can help you to make up your mind about this.

You Just Get A Good Feeling
Good feelings about the ring you’re looking at are a good sign. Try to ignore the millions of thoughts going on in your head and instead go with your gut, your intuition. What is it telling you? If you just get a gut feeling that this is the one, go for it! You don’t need a solid reason.

Look out for these signs when ring shopping and you’ll find the right engagement ring much more effectively. This should be a really exciting time in your life, so make sure you enjoy it and make the most of it! If you’re really worried about finding the right ring, you can always ruin the surprise and ask your other half to pick it. But where’s the fun in that?

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