Simple, Effective Ways To Stay Healthy While Grieving

Grief and bereavement can strike us at any time of life. Although it is common and natural to an extent, it is always painful and can have a profound impact on our health and well-being. If we have lost a loved one, we should try to gently remind ourselves that they would want us to take care of ourselves. It may not be something that we feel like doing for ourselves. But it is a powerful and meaningful way to pay respect to our loved one by trying our best to continue positively. Everyone handles grief in their own way. But everyone should take special care to avoid some of the common health pitfalls that we can fall victim too. Both mentally and physically. We should never suffer in silence, but there are things we can do for ourselves too. Staying healthy while grieving should remain our top priority, even if we can think of little else. Try this simple but effective tips to maintain your health even during times of heavy stress.

Take It A Day At A Time
In periods of extreme stress or loss, even daily activities can seem overwhelming. We should consider it a great achievement just to be able to take things a day at a time. Planning for the future can be overwhelming and cause anxiety even when we are not under stress! So don’t feel that you are failing by leaving the big decisions for a time when you feel more stable. Try to think just as far as the end of the day. Be sure to emphasize the tasks that will help your health. What can you eat that is nutritious, for example? Is there a bill that you have to pay or a letter you have to mail? Going through the motions without any real thought processes may seem meaningless at first. But it is helping us to reestablish some form of normality and is very important for our mental health.

Memories and Keepsakes
When we feel ready, a healthy part of the grieving process can be to remember positive times. We might choose to do this with a photo album or treasured piece of jewelry, for example. Many people convert their loved one’s ashes to diamonds, so they can feel like their loved one is with them at all times.

Pamper Yourself
Many people experience an inner sensation of numbness when they lose someone. This can have a serious effect on our interest in taking care of ourselves. We may find it difficult to find the motivation or see the point. But this is just an indication of shock. We should still take the time to pamper ourselves from the inside-out. We can read uplifting books or watch our favorite shows. We can eat nourishing food, stay hydrated, and get a good night’s sleep. If we are not taking care of ourselves on the outside, it can become increasingly difficult to feel better on the inside. Our body is already under strain because of our emotional stress. Try not to exacerbate it further with physical stress such as not sleeping and eating. Take small steps and try to be in the moment. Enjoy the little things and remind yourself of positive tastes and sensations. This will help you on a physical and emotional level.

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