Youth-Boosting Hacks To Try Today

Most of us want to look younger and fresher for longer. Our age is only a number but our appearance can be the giveaway. We can look vivacious and beautiful at any age but it usually takes effort from the inside-out. You may already be making better choices with your diet. You may be taking healthier steps to get fit, exercise more, and see the great outdoors. You may also have incorporated other healthy strategies like mindfulness and a good night’s sleep. Those are all likely to have very positive effects in the long-term. But what about the here and now? If you’re looking to stay youthful or feel that you’re in need of the “glow” factor, try these anti-ageing hacks.

Sleep On Your Back
The value of a good night’s sleep has been well documented. It is when our body recovers, grows, and revives itself. Poor sleep can quickly affect our health, well-being and concentration levels so it’s vital that we sleep well. We should invest effort into a good nighttime routine to unwind, de-stress, and help us to fall into a deep sleep. But how you’re lying can make a big difference! Many of us crumple our faces into the pillow or contort into a variety of positions. Tossing and turning can not only affect the quality of your sleep but it can wreak havoc on your skin too! Needless tugging and friction on the skin causes it to lose elasticity and age quicker. Sleeping on your back can work wonders for reducing wrinkles and delaying visible ageing. It also helps us to be able to breathe deeply and lie with correct posture. This reduces spinal problems later down the line, so we’ll stay supple and mobile too!

Reassess Your Skin care
Many of us first begin a skin care routine in our teens when we might be combating complaints like redness or blemishes. But when was the last time you really checked out what you’re using? Many of us stay in the same skincare rut for years, assuming that it is doing all it can to help us. If you want to stay looking youthful, then the secret isn’t simply in serums and anti-wrinkle creams. It starts from the moment you cleanse your skin. Investigate whether you could be using a more hydrating, luxurious cleanser to lock moisture into the skin. It will feel more comfortable and look smoother too. Oil-free versions are available for those with sensitive or blemish-prone skin.

Wear SPF
It can be tempting to equate looking bronzed and tanned with looking youthful. But you should always fake it! UVA and UVB rays are incredibly harmful and break down collagen and elasticity in the skin at a cellular level. This can never be replaced and is difficult to cover on the surface too. A little sunlight and Vitamin D is healthy, but tanning excessively can cause discolouration and a higher risk of skin cancer. Always wear SPF, even on overcast days. simply add bronzer or self-tanner to your routine, or embrace your naturally fair and radiant skin!


  1. Sleep deprivation is a common ailment of people around the world. With many people leading hectic lives, it is hard to get the most out of your sleep. With some tools and resources though you can get better sleep quality.