The 5 Most Important Items In Your Everyday Makeup Bag

Let’s be honest. Most women have at least two makeup bags. You know it’s true! The first one is the neat, little one we take with us everywhere. It’s always rattling around somewhere in the bottom of our bags! The other one is rather heftier! It stays at home and seems to contain everything but the kitchen sink.

That makeup bag is probably due a clear out (do you really need that glitter eyeshadow you bought in 2006?) But this guide is all about your everyday makeup bag, and five crucial things to always ensure it holds.

Take care of these items, and clean them often. You’ll also want to replenish them as soon as they run out. If you don’t, you run the risk of being caught short. We all know that this will typically be just before a big interview, or a great night out.

So, without further ado, let's give some praise and recognition to the five most important items in your makeup bag. Oh, and if you don’t have any other items. What are you waiting for?

Your Tweezers
If you spot a stray facial hair in a shop mirror, you’ll be glad to have something to hand to pluck it right out! But tweezers are a super useful tool for other things aswell. They can help you apply false eyelashes far easier, for example.

Your Concealer
A good concealer will feel like a real saving grace in times of need. The fact that it often comes in smaller packaging that foundation also helps keep the weight of your bag down. However, concealer can double up as a foundation if you ever really need it too! Be sure when you apply it to eyebags, you start where the darkness begins. Any higher and it will look fake.

Your Lipgloss
Thanks to some fantastic lip gloss manufacturers working their socks off, lipgloss is overtaking lipstick in the popularity stakes! Less sticky but brighter and more vibrant in color, your favorite lip gloss will glam up your look any time you need it.

Your Eyelash Curlers
Eyelash curlers truly are miracle products. What did we do without them? Even if you’ve snapped your eyeliner pencil and your mascara has dried up, they can come to the rescue. They will give you a wide-eyed look, hiding the sins of a late night or a long weekend! Keep yours clean or they can transfer flecks of dirt onto your eyes. You’re also protecting yourself against the risk of an eye infection. Replace yours if the dirt won’t budge, or if they start to fall apart!

Your Clear Nail Varnish
If you suddenly need to spruce up your nails, a lick of clear nail varnish will do the trick. But did you know it also has another brilliant use? If you’re wearing tights or stocks, and get a ladder, it can feel like a disaster. While the varnish can’t sew them back together again (we wish!), applying a dab will stop it from getting any bigger. Phew! Replace your varnish if its starts to dry up.

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