Why Most People Fail At Contouring

We’ve all seen the before and after pictures of those normal ladies, looking like a supermodel. Is it possible to achieve this look at home and why are so many people getting it wrong?

What is contouring?
The main idea of contouring is that you highlight the areas which you want to stand out with a light colour. The areas that you wish to minimise, you go over with a darker colour. You can also use blush for a day or evening look and bronzer for a sunkissed look. Whichever method you use, remember to blend! You don't want to end up looking like a drag queen!

Face Shape
Different face shapes require different patterns of highlighting and contouring. If you're not having much luck so far, you might need to tailor your method to the shape of your face. Remember that the parts you highlight, appear as if the light is hitting it, so it will be where everyone focuses their attention.

Start with clean, moisturised skin. If you haven’t got a regular skincare routine already, check out this post for some help. Diamond faces need highlighter on the chin and forehead in a wide sweep and in small triangles under the eyes. Complement with blusher on the apple of the cheeks and contour below the blusher on the hairline and on the very bottom of the chin.

Square faces need more highlighter under the eyes in a larger triangle shape. Use a triangle shape again to highlight the chin and a broad sweep across the forehead. Blush and contour as above, but also around the sides of the cheeks to give a more defined shape.

Round faces need the most contouring. Contour heavily on the sides of the face by the cheeks. Use blusher in an upward motion from the apple of the cheek to the corner of the eye. Highlighter should be used to elongate the face in long triangles on the forehead and chin. Also, highlight above your blusher to emphasise your cheekbones.

Skin Tone
Skin tone is important when choosing a contouring products. Make sure that your highlighter, bronzer, and blush all match your skin tone. If you are not sure what skin tone you have, Check here for some help. Remember cool skin tones work best with pinky colours, olive with peaches and for black skin try a yellow or orange highlighter.


Getting the right colour is only half the challenge. You also need to get the right product for you. There is a huge choice, with specialised creams and powders. There are also plenty of hacks using normal foundations and even eyeshadows!

Your main choices are whether to go for powder or cream. The powder will give you a more natural blendable look. Gallany Makeup do a great one. Creams are longer lasting and can supply that bolder contoured look. Experiment and work out which is the best product for you.


Whether you go for a powder or a cream, you may want to consider ‘baking’ your face. Don't worry it's not as horrible as it sounds. Baking just means to leave your makeup to set for a while before you start to blend it. This method allows it to settle on your face, giving you better definition and lasting longer.  

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