How To Master Chief Bridesmaid Duties In 7 Easy Steps

So, you’ve been selected as chief bridesmaid. Amazing! But you’ll want to be sure that you handle the challenge well.

After all, you’ve been trusted with a very important job. You are one of the most significant people during both the preparations and the day itself. With a little extra effort, though, you’ll be sure to handle the pressure with ease. In turn, this will help the bride-to-be enjoy the perfect wedding day.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.

Organising The Hen Do
One of the first things you’ll think of once becoming a chief bridesmaid is the hen do. This is your perfect opportunity to send the lucky girl off into the world of married life in style. Furthermore, it’s a chance to build the excitement and anticipation ahead of the big day.

Organising a hen do requires hard work, but it doesn’t need to be as daunting as you might first fear. The most important thing is that the bride is surrounded by the people she loves most. Whether you go for a night out on the town, a weekend away, or a casual evening meal is a matter of taste. Ultimately, you know the bride better than anyone; I’m sure you’ll be just fine.

Apart from anything else, a great hen party will reduce the stress. Planning a wedding isn’t easy, so don’t underestimate how influential this can be.

Offer Financial Support
In truth, the future Mr and Mrs are unlikely to want your money directly. Nevertheless, you should not ignore the fact that the average wedding costs thousands. If you can help soften that blow in any shape possible, you should.

The easiest way to do this is to cover one of the key items. This could mean booking the wedding photographer, or the cake. It doesn’t matter too much what you do; it will make a huge difference. If the happy couple still feels uneasy, suggest doing this instead of a normal wedding gift. After all, they’ll only receive dozens of items that they don’t really need anyway.

This is the happiest day of their lives, but blowing their savings will leave a sour taste. Money isn’t the most important thing in the world, especially at this time. Nevertheless, you cannot ignore its importance.

Lead The Bridesmaids

Being selected as any bridesmaid is great. As the chief bridesmaid, though, everything is heightened to a new level. But it is a role that comes with immense responsibility, and keeping the others focused is key.

Some bridesmaids won’t take the role as seriously as they should. They may start to miss key appointments such as dress fittings. The key to maintaining control is to stay connected. Smartphone technology makes communication easier than ever. Set up a group network on Slack or another communication tool. That way you’ll be able to keep a far firmer grasp on proceedings.

The bride has more than enough on her plate without worrying about these elements. Quite frankly, it’s one of the most important responsibilities you face. So be sure to get it right.

Communicate With Guests
A great chief bridesmaid isn’t there just to organise a hen do and be there on the day. You should also be looking to help out in every way possible during the planning and preparations for the big day.

Arguably the most important aspect is that everyone arrives on the day. Offering assistance with the wedding invitations is a great starting point. After all, the guests need enough time to plan for the day – especially if they need time off of work or to book hotels.

On the day itself, you can be a point of contact for any guests that may have queries. Let’s face it; your bride won’t have time to face the thousands of questions that people might ask. She should be concentrating on enjoying her big day. Help organise people with the support of the best man and you should keep things under control.

Keep The Peace
Avoiding confusion from guests is one thing. But preventing fights between guests is even more crucial. Most weddings will involve guests from broken families. And those animosities could potentially spoil the day.

A smart seating arrangement is vital during the day. However, the problems are more likely to start once the evening has started and guests are drinking. Spotting potential frictions is crucial, and you should stay vigilant at all times. If you do think trouble is brewing, don’t be afraid to speak to those people. If they don't calm down, it may even be worth calling them a cab.

The last thing any bride and groom needs is to see their big day descend into a mass brawl.

Arrange A Surprise
The bride and groom will have spent months planning every meticulous detail. This ensures that the big day goes to plan. However, it does mean that they sort of know what to expect. Therefore, even the smallest of surprises can enhance their day greatly.

Evening entertainment is one area where a huge impact can be made. You could book a band or an entertainment act to perform for the happy couple. Alternatively, you could arrange the guests to make a big surprise gesture. The only real limit here is your imagination.

A little surprise can add the icing on their big day. Perfect.

Emotional Support
Above all else, you should be aware that your bride is going to be an emotional wreck. There will be fears, and there will be tears. As the chief bridesmaid, that’s something you need to deal with.

Just remember to reassure your best friend that things will be fine. She’s marrying the man of her dreams for a reason and should not let go of that fact. Meanwhile, you should try to keep a packet of tissues on your possession at all times too.

Complete each of those seven tasks, and the bride couldn’t ask for anything more. And remember to enjoy it; it’s the happiest day of her life.

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