Organising A Hen Do Doesn't Have To Be A Nightmare

So you best friend is tying the knot, and lucky you, you've been asked to organize their last night as a free woman! Check out our tips below to ensure the hen do goes like a dream and doesn't end up a nightmare.

Have a range of options
It's important these days to have a range of choices for a hen do. When people can pick the activities that they would like to do, it can make things so much more fun. A new trend in hen dos is to have a joint Hen and Buck activity day. Get the guys and the girls to face off on some challenges and then head out together or separately in the evening. If you are organizing joint Bucks and Hens party what about renting a bungee run or holding a Bucks vs. Hens baseball game? Of course, you’ll be pleased to note that you can hire bucking bulls through Monsterball now.  So any wannabe cowboys in the party will be able to show off their skills to the rest of the group! You can even theme the whole day as a rodeo and have a cookout in the evening.

Give everyone plenty of notice
To stop the hen do you're organizing turning into a nightmare, make sure you get a list of all the people that the bride wants to invite. It's essential that the list includes their email addresses and mobile phone numbers. It is crucial to be able to get in touch with everyone easily. You need to keep them in the loop and to give them plenty of notice of what they can expect out of the day. To ensure that the maximum number of people can make it to the hen do, you need to start organizing it at least six months before. Start by sending an email to all invitees with a selection of two or three dates. Get the guests to reply with all the dates that they are available. Then you can make the final decision on which day to do, depending on how many people can make it.

Talk to the Bride
An absolute essential hen do planning is talking to the bride. You must have excellent communication with the bride, to make sure she gets what she wants. It is her day after all.


Remember to make sure that everyone she wants to invite is invited. Also, make sure to discuss her expectations for the day. She might be expecting a present or two and if you are the sort of person that enjoys buying gifts you could even make her a wedding day survival kit. Does she want something refined and elegant or a bit more raunchy? The hen do will end up a nightmare if you organize a bar crawl, and a Dream Boys show,  if the bride is expecting afternoon tea and a spa day! Make sure that you are very clear on the bride's wants and expectations so you can be sure of giving her a date she won't forget.

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