You Won't Believe That These Things Are Good For Your Skin

I love my skin, and I want it to stay looking young for as long possible. That means that I don’t want to see wrinkles across my face or any blemishes. I don’t want my skin to be dry either, and ideally, I want to keep the natural color that it is right now. That’s a lot of wants, and the truth is I’ll try anything if it means I can keep my skin looking the way I want it to. That’s why I’ve been looking at some amazing ideas. Some of these I’m sure you won’t believe, but you should.


We have always been taught that oil is bad for our skin haven’t we? Too much oil and your skin will look greasy and pasty. You might also develop a lot of spots and even serious levels of acne. That’s why you want to keep your skin as oil free as possible, using oil free moisturizers. Well as it turns out a little oil can be good for your skin. Particularly, if you have dry skin that is constantly irritable. Remember, dry skin does tend to age faster, particularly in sunlight.

You might be tempted to label this under too good to be true, but don’t be so sure. Experts believe that vaping may well stop wrinkles developing on the skin. So, here’s how it works. According to new research, certain types of weed have antioxidant traits which is cool. Essentially, it means that taking weed could be beneficial to your skin and stop it aging. However, you have to take it the right way, and that’s where vaping comes in. Through vaping you get those chemicals without any of the nasty ones. Now, vaping has suddenly become a great skin treatment. Okay, this might be a slight simplification, but science doesn’t lie. Research has shown that using an e cigarette could be exactly what your skin needs.


I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I want honey spread over my body. It’s far too sticky and messy. The thing is that honey is full of sugar and sugar is bad for your skin, right? Well, apparently not. Honey is great for repairing damaged skin and also stopping irritations. If you constantly find your skin is itchy or that you have a rash a honey based treatment could be the answer. This weird yet wonderful treatment is offered at numerous spas.

Yes, it is weird for a health blog to recommend pizza as being good for you but bare with me. Pizza doesn’t have to be a greasy, oily mess. You can create it with the ingredients that you want. However, what pizza always has is plenty of cheese that contains calcium. Calcium is good for the skin, and therefore, pizza is good for the skin. If you want to find a recipe for a great, healthy pizza, try adding broccoli, spinach and other things that you would not find on one from Dominoes. You’ll be eating well and doing wonders for your skin.

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