Be Safe When You Blog With These Safety Methods

Starting a blog is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It provides you with an outlet where you can connect with like-minded people, share advice and help others. However, blogging can also have a very dark side. From theft to vicious comments from readers, many bloggers have bad experiences online. Some are so severe that they put them off blogging for life. This is an unfortunate consequence and one that could have been easily avoided. Here are some vital safety methods that every blogger should use to keep their blog and their personal life safe from harm.

Never disclose too much information
Adding some personal information onto your blog can make it more interesting to your readers. But disclosing too much can have multiple adverse effects. Your address and credit card details can be used by others to steal your identity. Informing your readers about your hometown, your place of work and your birthday can also cause this too. Selfies and other photos you post could unintentionally give your readers more information that you would like them to know. This could lead to stalking in your personal life. So keep these details confidential at all times and ensure your friends don’t reveal anything on their blogs either.

Beware of hackers
While emails are a great way of communicating with others, they can provide hackers with a wealth of information. They can use your email to hack into your blog, discover your location and block you out altogether. Some bloggers have even experienced their blogs being deleted by these hackers. The comments section on your blog can also be abused by criminals who are promoting fraudulent sites they want you to click onto. So filter your comments carefully and provide a contact box instead of a personal email.

Another way to protect yourself is by ensuring your laptop and phone don’t have saved passwords for your blog and iCloud account. If these items are stolen, hackers can easily gain access to private details which could put you at risk. Talk a look at this article for more information on protecting your iPhone from hackers.

Consider what you post
Blogging is all about freedom of expression. But remember that what you post stays online forever, even after you’ve deleted it. Writing blog posts that are offensive or written on impulse could result in you receiving lots of negative attention. This can quickly escalate and become a threat to your personal safety. If your employer or relative sees rude or improper posts, this too can cause rifts and the loss of employment. So always consider the ways in which you are being perceived by your readers and never write when angry or upset. Also remember that your writing will be interpreted in different ways by different people.

So whether you blog full time or just as a hobby, always ensure online safety is your top priority. Take a look at your blog and assess just how secure it is. If it’s not quite up to scratch, use this opportunity to do something about it as soon as possible.

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