Useful Tools That Every Blogger Should Be Using

So you’ve got your blog all setup and are producing some premium content for your readers. Your audience is growing day after day. That’s great news! But you shouldn’t rest on your laurels now and just coast on by. There will always be cool ways to improve your blog post. And one of the best ways to improve your blog is by using some useful tools. Want to find out more? Then read on!

A DSLR Camera
You will no doubt be using lots of pretty pictures on your blog already. The better the pictures, the more professional your blog will look. Want to make your pictures look like you paid a pro to take them? Then you should upgrade your camera to a DSLR. These excellent cameras may be on the pricey side, but all that money sure is worth it. You will find that your images are sharper, and the colors in them will be extremely vibrant.

Plagiarism Checker
No one wants to end up in a dispute about their writing. And one of the most common disputes between bloggers is related to plagiarism. This just means copying other people’s work. Unfortunately, plagiarism is often carried out unknowingly. Sometimes people get inspiration from other blogs, but they accidently word their posts too similarly to the ones they read. So how do you ensure all your content is unique to you? The best thing to do is to put all your blog posts through a plagiarism checker before you publish them.

Google Analytics
Do you want your blog to rise up to the top of Google search results? Then the best way is to make the most of Google Analytics. This cool tool can teach you everything you need to know about the traffic coming towards your website. You can see which kinds of posts are the most popular. Once you know, you can start writing more of these styles of post. But that’s not the best thing about Google Analytics. You can’t beat the fact that it’s free!

Pretty much every blogger has their very own newsletter these days. It gives you a chance to send all your subscribers your most recently published posts. That way, you can increase clicks onto your blog, which is good news for its SEO. Newsletters are also a great way of getting more subscribers and readers as well. If someone likes your newsletter and forwards it to a friend, then that’s one extra reader! So you need to ensure all the content on your newsletter is fresh and totally shareable!

It’s always a good idea to step back away from your computer sometimes and give your eyes a break! That’s when a diary comes in handy. You can jot down any ideas you have when you’re not on your laptop. So next time you are enjoying a day out, take your diary with you. You can write down everything that happens, so you don’t forget any details for a new blog post!


  1. ouuu great tips! :) thanks for sharing. the google analytics is a great one

    Xoxo Jessy