Why Every Blogger Should Take Advantage Of Vlogging

Years ago no one knew what a blog was. Fast forward to today and everyone seems to have a blog. While not everyone gets to make a huge success of their blog it has fast become an over saturated market. While blogging will always be there. There is no escaping the power of the written word, many bloggers are considering other alternatives. Video and vlogging are some of them.

You may wonder why you should consider it? But vlogging is an extension of your written word. It’s imagery, and it’s you. Still talking about something you are passionate about or sharing your journey and life. Just in a different medium.

It’s easier to start that you may realise. Just set up a camera and film yourself talking about something that you’re passionate about. This might be you talking about an issue or something that you may have blogged about. Perhaps adding it as an addition to a blog post with you advancing on some of your key points. Or film your day or your hobby. What you are passionate about. Whether It's a fitness routine, the food you eat. To a recipe or sharing your life as a parent. They will all provide different and engaging content. Then share them on Facebook and YouTube so that people can learn more about what interests you. It could even work in your favour. Some brands love the idea of using video content for reviews or advertising opportunities. It could be another string to add to your bow and media kit.


Another thing that some bloggers are getting more interested in is live video. This is where you broadcast live on YouTube by holding a hangout on Google+. Facebook has also recently launched its own live video application that enables you to broadcast live from your Facebook page. This is an excellent application that many bloggers are not taking full advantage of yet. Live streaming is perfect for things like Question and answer sessions, hauls, snippets of your life or just a general chat. As a blogger, it is another way to engage with your followers. However, when it comes to things like Facebook, it can be difficult to get your profile known and in front of the right people. So sometimes it’s worth considering the services of webistes like bestsmmdeals.com/buy-facebook-likes/.


So why should you bother? If your blog is already successful what more can a video option or blog do for you? The real reason is that your blog is opened up to a wider audience. The likes of Facebook and Youtube has many people that prefer this kind of interaction with bloggers. They want to see what you do even hear your voice. Brands are also loving the honesty that a video can give. Making their product or service very real to their potential customers. So it can be a lucrative option for a blogger to consider. If you are wanting some tips on how to get started the consider sites like http://howtomakemyblog.com/blog-or-vlog/.

I suppose the only last question to ask is whether it’s something you are going to consider? In a way no one will know the success they will have with something until they give it a go.

I hope this has inspired you to try something new.

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