You'll Swear By These Big Night Out Getting Ready Tips!

Do you have a big night out coming up? Then you need to make sure you have everything ready to make it a good one! Usually, you’ll find that if you take some extra time to look your best and feel incredible, you’ll have a much better time while you’re out. These getting ready tips should make you feel awesome and help you to have the best time!

Take Care Of Hair Removal The Day Before
Taking care of hair removal the day before is really important. If you’re shaving, this will give your pores a chance to close, and you won’t feel sore or anything by then. It’s also really important if you’re planning on applying a false tan product, which I recommend. If you’re waxing or something that pulls the hairs out, doing this 48 hours before is a better idea.

Get Your Glow On
Once you’ve allowed your skin to recover from your hair removal process, get your glow on. Use a tanning mitt to apply a mousse, cream, or gel - whatever you feel comfortable with. One that has a guide color is best, so you can see where it’s going as you apply. If you don’t really do this, a light shade of tan will give you a glow without making you look unnatural.

Whiten Your Teeth
Having bright, white teeth is a must if you have a big night out coming up. Some people even go as far as having porcelain veneers to perfect their teeth - there are even some you can clip in before you go out.

Treat Your Hair
Treating your hair with masks and oils in advance will make it shiny and smooth. This is the best sort of condition for styling, and will make your hair look really healthy. It doesn’t matter what style you’re going for. As long as you have your hair in good condition, it’ll look amazing.

Make Sure Your Skin’s In Great Condition
The better condition your skin is in, the more you’ll glow. Your makeup will look much better too. Make sure you’ve cleansed, toned, and moisturised before applying your makeup. The longer you keep up a good routine for, the better you’ll look.

We all suffer with bloating from time to time. It’s not something we can help. The time of the month can bloat us, as well as certain vegetables. However, there are things you can do to de-bloat before your night out if you want to feel slim and look amazing in your outfit. Drinking plenty of water will help you to drop any water weight you may be carrying. You can also take salt baths and use the sauna for a few days beforehand.

Perfect Your Nails
Having nice nails will finish off your look perfectly. But don’t just paint with a regular polish. They are outdated and sure to chip before the night is over. Instead, use a 2 week polish or go to the salon for a gel treatment.

Have a great time!

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  1. haha great tips :) i do most of these things already haha

    Xoxo Jessy