A Leaner Lifestyle Is In Reach With This Essential Guide

Summer is over, and we are starting to think about the colder weather ahead. It’s only natural to start looking at your wardrobe and putting away those summer dresses. But, what may surprise you, is that September and October are some of the most popular months of the year to change your lifestyle. The new year is the obvious date that people tend to take on new year resolutions. But during the Autumn months, many people revisit them and get motivated to kick start their new regime. This might have a lot to do with overindulging during the summer months. Those lazy evenings with a few drinks and heavy carb laden foods are now perhaps a distant memory, but you could be left with a few pounds as a bit of a reminder.

But don’t fret. Use these next few months to start a leaner lifestyle. It’s in easy reach of anyone who is willing to make some changes to their existing habits. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can have a leaner lifestyle. This essential guide should help you kick start this change for good.

Don’t rely on the scales
One of the first things anyone of you should do is forget about those weight scales. How much you weigh is no real indication of whether or not you are looking or feeling lean. A great tip is to take a picture of yourself from the front and the side. Preferably in your underwear so that you can see the problem areas. Instead of weighing yourself every few weeks, retake the photograph and see the difference to your shape and muscle tone. This is a truer indication of weight loss and looking lean.


Ditch the diets
We can all be too tempted to try out the latest diet craze. But deep down I think we are all aware that most of those diets are just not sustainable. What many of those diets do is encourage an immediate weight loss. This is because at some point you are restricting your body of something it needs. This might be carbohydrates or sugars, for example. But our body needs those things to function properly, so will turn to your fat stores to get what it needs. The thing is, once you reintroduce those foods after obtaining your weight loss, it’s impossible to keep the weight off. Your body replaces what it needed originally. You end up back at square one. Instead of focusing on a diet that restricts you, try and eat better. This means having a balanced diet where your body gets everything it needs. Of course, some foods are worse for you than others. So it’s all about moderation and making more informed choices when it comes to your food. For more information about a balanced food intake take a look at http://www.healthline.com.

Increase your fibre intake
Fibre is a carbohydrate that your body can’t break down into glucose. It can make you feel fuller for longer because it slows down your digestive system. This has a huge advantage when it comes down to your portion size. There are some good benefits to increasing your intake in your diet, for example lowering your cholesterol level. Fibre enables you to release the energy obtained through your intake of carbohydrates slowly. Giving you a slow and steady, consistent glucose level in your blood stream.


Be more active
Part of a leaner lifestyle is to be more active. This essentially means increasing your activity and doesn’t involve you heading to the gym every day. That may not fit into your lifestyle. If you can try and walk a little further than you do each day. A great tip is to track the steps you take each day and aim for a minimum of ten thousand. It may seem like a lot but over the course of the day you can really step things up. If you are struggling to feel inspired to move more then try and make a choice to walk somewhere instead of driving. If you are at home, walk up and down the stairs a few extra times throughout the day. Doing this continuously can help increase your fitness levels and the way you look.

Be aware of the type of exercise you are taking
However, one of the bad things about increased activity is sticking with the same form of exercise constantly. So if you are a runner, for example, and you did this several times a week, you may find that you don’t get the same effect after a while. So you have to increase your level of activity. This is because your body becomes adaptable to the exercise you take and therefore doesn’t give you the same loss of weight or increase of heart rate. This is more specifically aimed at cardio exercises. So ensure you mix things up a little and try some alternative exercises to keep your workouts varied. Things like yoga or pilates can be great alternatives.

Consider your long term options
We can all understand that there are some harder areas to lose weight. Specifically the stomach or thigh areas. They can have an adverse effect on your overall body shape and image. So if you find yourself struggling with those areas don’t be ashamed to consider your long term options. Seeking out information on Cosmetic surgary options on webiste slike www.DavidHalpernMD.com could prove invauable. It is your body, after all, and what you choose to do with it is entirely up to you.


Drink more water
Another essential tip would be to increase your water intake. Drinking plenty of water has many benefits including helping you sleep better, improving your mood and your skin tone. Water naturally flushes out your body of all the bad toxins. It keeps you hydrated thus avoiding things like headaches. Drinking water can also combat those hunger pangs so it could help you avoid snacking.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of your mindset. Keeping positive and motivated to make the change is vital to success. I hope these tips help you to achieve a leaner lifestyle.

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