Fall Hair Makeover Tips You'll Love

It’s fall! This can only mean one thing - getting your hair done and having a makeover to celebrate. You can go for a huge change, or something subtle. You don’t always have to have something completely new. You’re bound to love these fall hair makeover tips! Take a look…

Put A Fringe In
Why not take the plunge and put a fringe in? If you’re not sure whether this is a good idea or not, you could use a fake fringe to clip in and see how you feel about it. There are also lots of clever tutorials online that can help you to create the look of a fringe without actually having one. If you really like it, then you can take the plunge. Fringes grow fast anyway, and there are always styles you can try if it turns out you don’t really like it. There’s a type to suit all face shapes and styles, from full and blunt to long and wispy.

Get The Chop
Fall can be the perfect time of year to just cut your hair off and start all over again. If you like your long hair, then a long bob could be perfect for you. It’ll give your hair a new lease of life as you chop all of your dead ends off. If you’re a bit braver, you could even go for something shorter, or a pixie cut! Take a look online at styles to suit your face shape and see what you like.

Indulge In A Warmer Color…
Many people like to try out warmer colors in fall. Fall is full of warmer colors. It makes us think of leaves, spices, and all kinds of warm things, which is why having warm hair is so popular. You could have a tint put on your hair if you’re blonde, such as peach or even a pinky color. This will be subtle, and you can even go semi perm if you’re not sure about it at first. You could also just go for it and try a copper color, or the new brown/red trend. Speak with your home hairdresser and see which shade they recommend for you.


Or Go Completely Frosty
Although warm is very popular, this doesn’t mean that cooler colors need to take a back seat. In fact, there are a few set to be very popular this year. Silver hair has been around for a while, and isn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon. Lilac is also making a comeback, and both of these look amazing with a darker root. They are low maintenance too!

Get Those ‘Rachel’ Layers
They say that trends always come back around, and that’s certainly the case this year. Everybody remembers Jennifer Aniston, and how popular her ‘Rachel’ haircut was. Well, it’s back! Stars like Hailey Baldwin are rocking it, and it looks just as fabulous as it did the first time. Why not take the plunge and go for the Rachel?

Which of these hair makeover tips do you like the best? Have fun choosing your new style!

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