Hair Care: Tips For Cleaner and Shinier Hair That You Would Never Have Thought Of

When it comes to hair care, the science is pretty straight forward. There are a lot of differing products out on the market, though. It can be tempting to try everything and see what works best for you. Some products might make your hair feel more greasy, or others might give you an itchy scalp. But here are some tried and tested ways to improve the quality of your hair. Some of which you might not have thought of before. Have you got any tips that you would add?

Coconut oil is a miracle in itself, and pretty much needs to be in your cupboard at home all the time. So if you don’t have any; stock up! You can use it in a variety of ways when it comes to beauty. It is a great help for your dry scalp, as well as dry hair. So if you find that you have a bit of dandruff, it can be brilliant to help it. What you need to do is melt some raw coconut oil before you have a shower. When it is heated, it becomes a liquid and is a little easier to use. Then you can pour it onto your scalp, when it has cooled off, of course. Massage it into your scalp and leave for about half an hour. Then; voila! When you have washed off your hair with warm water, you scalp will feel so much better. Your hair will be left feeling super smooth and soft too.


Coconut oil will leave your hair looking so much shinier too. There are a few other ways to get shiny looking hair, though. One of which most people won’t have thought of before. But do you know what hardness the water in your area is? Hard water can make cleaning ourselves a little trickier (as well as making cleaning the bathroom itself trickier). It can leave a buildup of scum on your hair and skin. This can irritate you, as well as leave your hair looking quite dull. So if you think that this is a problem for you, the good news is that you can do something about it. Getting and using a water softener can make such a difference. It softens the water, as you might imagine. This helps to break down and eliminate the metals that can cause the buildup of scum. So your hair will actually be much cleaner. See, not something you would have thought of before, right? If you are thinking of getting a water softener, just make sure that you check out some reviews. You’ll want to get the best water softener that is out there.

If your issue is that your hair is quite weak and doesn’t grow very well, then there are things you can do too. One at home treatment to strengthen hair is by using bananas. They are packed full of vitamins that can make such a difference on your hair. Mash a banana up and rub it on your hair. Cover up your hair with something like a clean, warm towel. After about half an hour you can rinse it off. Do this once and week and you should notice a difference in the strength of your hair.

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