Start Planning Your Winter Wardrobe Today!

Whether you like it or not, summer is officially coming to an end. Before we know it, we will be faced with cooler temperatures and harsher weather conditions. So it’s important that we are prepared for autumn and winter to arrive. It’s time to put away your sandals and summer dresses and bring out boots, sweaters, and jeans. To make sure you are suitably dressed and ready to take on the winter weather, you need to start planning what you intend to wear now. To help you make a start on your winter wardrobe, follow these simple but stylish steps.

Get Inspired
The first thing you need to do is get inspired by autumn/winter fashions for this year. Look in fashion magazines and blogs and take note of what trends and colors are going to be big this winter. You should also look at what your favorite stores newest collections have to offer too. Gather images that you find inspiring from these sources and use them to create a fashion inspiration board. Try to mix images of both basic and on trend, pieces to create a winter wardrobe style that will look good year after year. This board will make it easier to determine what your overall winter look should be. This can be something you add to continually to keep your style fresh and interesting.

Clear out your closet
Now you have an idea of the winter look you want to create; it’s time to start clearing out your closet. Go through each item you own from clothing to shoes to check whether they fit and are in a good condition. Anything you no longer wear or doesn’t fit correctly should be discarded or donated to charity. You should also store your summer clothing at the back of your closet and bring your winter essentials forward. Clearing out and rearranging your closet will make it easier to see what items you may be missing or need to update. This will make shopping for essentials far easier and stop you from buying the same things again.

Do your homework
Now you know what items you want and need to buy, it’s time to do some homework. Updating your wardrobe for winter can be expensive, especially if you have lots of clothing and accessories to update. So start looking online for Journeys coupons and other discounts you can use at your favorite stores. You might be able to get free shipping or save money off the overall price on your items. Using multiple coupons and discounts on a purchase may also be possible. This can make updating your wardrobe for winter more affordable. Just remember only to buy items that you love and will wear, rather than being tempted by pieces that have been significantly reduced.

Planning in advance is the best thing you can do when updating your wardrobe for colder weather. This gives you more time to find items you love and prevents you from buying on impulse. So even though you might be clinging onto the last days of summer, start planning your winter wardrobe today.

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