Throw A Spooky But Stylish Halloween Party This Year

Halloween is the perfect excuse to invite your loved ones over for a night of hocus pocus. It’s only a few weeks away, so you better start planning your ghoulish festivities sooner rather than later.  If you’re throwing a strictly adult a Halloween party this year, you may want to create something more chic than usual. Halloween is not just for kids after all. While plastic spiders and fake blood are fun, there are more sophisticated ways to celebrate Halloween. So if you want to plan a party unlike any other, here are some hair-raising ideas you might want to consider.

Add antiques to your home
If you want to create a haunted house feel, but don't want to use cut-outs of ghosts and witches, antique items could be a wonderful alternative. This can add some genuine spook to your home without making it looking too cheesy. Large antique items such as grandfather clocks and pianos can create a focal point within the room and give your guests goosebumps. An added bonus is that these items can look good all year round, making them wonderful additions to your home. Smaller antiques such as dolls, clocks and masks can also add interest to your table, when you are your guests are dining. You may even want to use antique dinnerware to enhance the mood even further.

If you do want to add some extra ghoulishness to your antiques, you can use fake cobwebs. Just make sure they look authentic by stretching them as thinly as possible.

Use dark colours
Choosing a colour palette is a fantastic way of giving your party a distinctive theme. But unlike occasions which use bright colours such as birthdays parties, Halloween favours darkness. Consider using colours such as black, grey or even deep maroons and use this to influence your decor. This will make a dramatic change from the vibrant greens and oranges which are usually used at Halloween parties. Whatever colour you decide to use, make sure it is prominent and present within your main party area.

To prevent your home looking too dark, consider using metallic decorative features. Pumpkins and skull ornaments can look particularly effective when sprayed with gold or silver spray paint. This can give your party a modern edge while also keeping the haunted house vibes alive.

Use candles for lighting
Halloween is all about mystique and drama, which you can easily achieve by using candles at your party. You can put these into old wine bottles or use decorative candlesticks and vases. The more you have, the better.

But don’t place them anywhere where they can set fire to yours or your guest's costumes. Halloween costumes are known to burn easily, which could put your guest’s lives at risk. So if you’re too nervous about using real ones, opt for fake candles instead. If you haven’t bought a Halloween costume yet, you can find standard and plus size costumes online or from most costume stores.

With these ideas to help you, there’s no reason why your Halloween party shouldn’t be a spooky but stylish occasion.

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