Looking For Beauty Advice? Here's Where To Find It

No matter how confident we are with our makeup routine, there are times we could all do with a little advice. It could be just reassurance that a new look really does look good on you. Or perhaps you just want to know what the best type of foundation would be for your skin type? Next time you need some words of wisdom, use one of the following sources. They are full of handy tips and tricks that you need to know!

Your Mom
Your mom will have so much beauty advice to give you. She will have spent years perfecting her look and will now be confident in her own skin. Hopefully, you will have inherited her skin and hair types. Then she can let you know which types of product will work best for you. Knowing your skin type is very important. Otherwise, you could be buying moisturizer that is too rich in moisture for your skin. This could cause excessive breakouts! And, similarly, you need to know the shampoos and conditioners that work best for your hair type. Next time you can’t decide which products will work, give your mom a call.

Beauty Websites And Blogs
If you just want to know which is the best mascara or lipstick on the market at the minute, turn to beauty websites and blogs. Many beauty bloggers regularly review products in their posts. Simply go to your favorite blogger’s website and see which products she loves at the minute. There are also dedicated websites that have been created for beauty product reviews. Such as styledowntheaisle.net.

In-Store Beauty Counters
Have you ever noticed all those counters and stools as you were strolling through Macy’s makeup and beauty section? Well, they are the beauty counters, and you will find them in the majority of department stores. There will often be representatives from each beauty brand at these counters. And they will often give shoppers free samples of their makeup products. If you are lucky, they might invite you to sit down while they do your makeup! You should ask them about the range of products and which ones will look best on you. The representative will also be able to talk you through the different shades and tones on offer. They can advise you about which will work best on your skin. You can find your nearest Macy's with beauty counters online: macys.com/shop/store/search

Best Friends
Best friends are always there for each other, and there is no way they will let one another leave the house without perfect makeup! Next time you are getting ready with your friends, ask them how you look once you are done with your makeup. They will definitely give you an honest answer! Getting ready with friends also gives you the chance to chat about different products. And you can swap any useful tips and hacks that you all might have picked up.

Once you have got all your beauty advice from these four unbeatable sources, you don’t have to worry about a bad beauty day ever again!

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