Why Too Many Wild Nights Out Are Bad For Your Skin

Hitting the town and enjoying a night out with friends is what the weekends are all about. You can have a few drinks, talk about your crush and bust some moves on the dance floor. These are the nights when memories are truly made. Unfortunately, the hangover that comes with them the next day is often something you want to forget. As well as making you feel sluggish and giving you a headache, your skin might also suffer as a result of your night out. If you’ve noticed dark circles around your eyes and more breakouts than usual, your excessive partying could be to blame. So rather that letting yourself look worse for wear, now is the perfect opportunity to revitalize your skin. Here are some reasons why your skin doesn’t look amazing after a night out and what you can do to remedy them.

You didn’t take off your makeup
When you get home after a night out, the last thing you’re likely to be thinking about is taking off your makeup. The idea of getting into bed is probably much more exciting that washing your face. We are all guilty of making this major beauty mistake from time to time. But there are numerous reasons why beauty experts warn against it. The makeup you wear during a night out can clog your pores, causing blemishes and dryness. It has also been linked with causing uneven skin tones and a faster breakdown of collagen. This means that your skill will age quicker than it normally would. So if you don’t fancy looking older sooner, it’s time to start breaking this bad habit.

If you struggle to remember to take your makeup off, give yourself, a clear reminded. You could write a message on your mirror or leave a post-it note by your bed. Put it in a prominent place to guarantee that you will see it when you get home. Before your night out, you should also ensure you are stocked up with effective makeup removers. If you’re unsure what you should be buying, refer to this Total Beauty guide. An exfoliating face scrub is a must as this will remove the makeup that’s lodged deep within your pores.  Use warm water and gentle circular motions around your face for the best results. Follow with a moisturizer to give your skin some much-needed hydration too. If you really don’t feel like washing your face, you should at the very least use a cleansing face wipe.

You drank too much
While alcoholic beverages can help get you into the party mood, they can also be severely damaging to your skin. Your body needs to produce antidiuretic hormones to remain hydrated and fully functioning. But when you drink alcohol, it can significantly lower how much is being produced. This is why many of us wake up with dry mouths and tight feeling skin. These are signs that your body is severely lacking and craving water. Drinking alcohol can also prevent your skin from getting the vitamins it needs to repair itself overnight. This can leave you with a lackluster complexion that looks tired and dull. If you drink alcohol excessively on a regular basis, you might also develop the skin condition known as Rosacea. This condition causes your skin to look inflamed and can even lead to disfigurement if left untreated.

You can’t turn back the clock and stop yourself from drinking as much as you did. But there are things you can do to rehydrate your skin. Drinking plenty of water is a no-brainer, but you should also have a cold shower too. Why this might not sound that appealing, a cold shower can do wonders for water-starved skin. It can close up the pores which allows your skin to retain more moisture, making it feel healthy and soft. While some skincare can treat your dehydrated skin, others can make it feel worse. So try to avoid any products that use harsh chemicals or exfoliants. Instead, opt for natural ingredients that provide replenishment.

You didn’t get enough sleep
If you’ve been dancing the night away and drinking until the early hours, you probably didn't get a restful night’s sleep. Alcohol is a stimulant which can stop your body from feeling tired and will make you feel more alert. This can make it difficult for you to fall asleep, even after the party is over. Not getting your full eight hours worth of sleep is sometimes unavoidable. Especially if you have to get up for work the next day. While it’s ok every once in a while, too little sleep too often can have an adverse effect on your face. It can decrease your skin’s moisture levels, leaving it feeling dry and tight. You’ll develop dark circles because your skin hasn’t had time to regenerate. Your complexion will also stop looking as bright and youthful as it should due to a breakdown in your collagen.

The most obvious remedy to deal with this problem is ensuring you get plenty of rest the next day. Clear your evening schedule and aim to get to bed early. You can also take naps during the day to help you make up for your lack of sleep. In addition to this, you can reduce dark circles by applying cool eye cream or tea bags to them. To regain your glow, you can also visit a skin treatment center such as SkinxFive. You can have facial peels and cleansing treatments which will encourage your skin cells to rejuvenate. If you want to learn about SkinxFive or find out more about possible treatments, go online.

Going out and enjoying yourself is never something you should regret. It’s good to enjoy yourself as much as possible while you’re young. But you shouldn’t let your active social life have a damaging effect on your skin either. While they might only seem like minor issues now, excessive exposure could damage your skin permanently. At the very least, make sure you drink plenty of water and remember to remove your makeup.

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