Is Shaving Constantly Driving You Insane Ladies? Try These Altermatives

Having too much hair is usually something us women find extremely frustrating. It seems to be a never ending cycle of shaving, having one day of smooth skin, having stubble all over the place and sometimes even an ugly red rash caused from razor burn. It’s not a pretty sight but then neither is hair all over our body. What’s a girl to do?

Shaving your legs isn’t the worst thing in the world. The majority of women can get away with regularly shaving their legs without too much hassle, but there comes a time when you’ve shaved just one too many times and that silky smooth feeling you once got in your younger days has now become non-existent and you end up with a five o’clock shadow before the sun has even gone down. It’s even worse when you’re trying to remove hair from other areas on the body, especially the face!

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If you’re practically pulling your hair out (ironically, the ones you want to keep firmly on your body) then try these shaving alternatives.

1. Speak to your doctor
If you feel that you are excessively hairy, it is certainly worth seeking the opinion of your doctor. You might be relieved to find that you’re actually no more hairy than a lot of women, but there could be a hormone imbalance causing you to get unwanted hairs. You might find you’re able to access hormone treatment which helps keep the problem at bay.

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2. Bleach your hair
Everyone technically has hair all over their body but it tends to be far more noticeable if it’s darker. If you don’t want to go through the pain of actually removing the hair (and then having to endure the growing back phase) then bleaching could be a great option for you. It won’t remove the problem directly but it will hide it in a quick, painless way instead.

3. Laser technology
There are various dermatological procedures including ipl hair removal out there for this problem, with laser treatment being the most popular - it’s been around for years. It essentially involves targeting the roots of hairs and destroying not only the root but also the follicle. It curbs future growth of hairs but it is a little costly. Certainly worth it though.

4. Waxing
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Waxing certainly isn’t painless, but the results do last for a good while. You’ll be left with silky smooth skin for weeks and gradually over time, your hair will grow back thinner, lighter and slower. It’s just a case of whether you can grin and bear it whilst they do the deed. If you’re new to it, start with the legs before getting anything more sensitive done like armpits and the bikini line. That’s for the pro’s!

There are plenty of products out there these days that will give you a quick results with absolutely no pain. It’s like putting on shaving cream before using a razor but then not actually having to have because the hair essentially falls off once you wipe the cream off. You’ll need to give your bath a good rinse after using it as there will be hairs absolutely everywhere but it’s quick, painless and cheap.


  1. I often use electric shaver for women. But it causes razor bumps. Is there any home remedies to shave hair.

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