New Year, New You? How To Make Your Resolutions Stick

With the new year just around the corner, many of us might be thinking of resolutions for the new year. We might have goals to achieve or things that we want to do well in next year. We might want to focus on stopping something that we don’t like about ourselves or kick a bad habit. It is easy to set the goals or resolutions, right? But can be much harder to follow through. When it comes to March, we might have even forgotten what we are aiming to do. So how can we truly make them stick? Here are a few ideas to help you?

Don’t Do Too Much at Once
If you have a goal to be healthier, then it can be hard to quit eating sugar and dairy all at the same time, for example. You need to do things step by step; whatever goal you have. The same goes with exercise. Completely changing from not working out to working out every day is not very sustainable. You need to build up to it. So take your time and make the changes gradually.

Think Positive
It can be hard to achieve anything when you just think you will fail. Perhaps it is why new year’s resolutions are notorious for not succeeding? But go into it being positive. When you think you can do something, you are much more likely to achieve it. Positive thinking can be really powerful and does make a difference in your life. So focus on the good and the things that you are achieving, rather than what you aren’t.

Don’t Give Up
Back to the idea of being healthier or losing weight. If one week you gain a pound rather than lose it, don’t just give up. Something like that can get you off track and can stop you from feeling motivated. But you need to think positively and learn from it. You could look at why it might have happened and if there is anything you can improve on next week. The point is to carry on, rather than give up when something doesn’t go to plan.

Be Realistic
For goals to work and actually be achieved, they need to be realistic. You might think that it would be great to run a marathon one day. But in reality, if you really hate running, is this going to be achieved? Focus on something that you will enjoy and will want to do instead. You will be much more motivated when you want to do it, rather than being put off going running because you dislike it.

Set a Timeline

In order to look back next new year’s eve and see what you have achieved, it is a good idea to set a timeline or measurable goals for yourself. You might want to get to a certain body fat percentage by April and then again by August. If you give yourself a timeline to aim for, it helps to keep you on track. Whatever your resolution is.

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