5 Ways To Make Money Through Blogging

Blogging is easy. Attracting readers isn’t. Even harder is making money out of all those blog posts. Fortunately, there are ways to make money out of your writing talents and turn your blogging prowess into more than a passion but an income.

Write guest blogs
The easiest way to make money from blogging is to write paid guest posts on already successful blogs. Guest Post Tracker compiles a hefty list of over 100 sites that will offer you money to write posts on. Some of these sites pay very well per post but cater for a specific audience or require a certain amount of expertise. If you have the know-how it’s a worthy exploit.

Run PPC ads
For those running their own blog, a great way to make money off those popular posts is to run PPC (Pay Per Click) ads. These will generate you income every time someone clicks on the ad – intentionally or accidentally. Getting the most out of these ads requires already getting a certain level of hits, so make sure that your content is engaging. You can make sure that the ads are related to the content of your blog to avoid them coming across as spammy.


Use affiliate links
Similar to PPC ads, affiliate marketing involves promoting a product and getting commission off any sales that are a result of your blog. This usually takes the form of a product review or an article in which there is a purchase link to the product. Every time the owner of that product makes a sale they can trace the source of the link. If the sale came directly as a result of your blog post, you’ll be entitled to some commission on the sale. The pricier the product the more you profit you can potentially make out of it.

Sell products
If your blog has enough of a fanbase, why not sell some merch? T-shirts and mugs are among the cheapest and easiest to produce products. Offer a section of your blog to merchandise. Shout about it on social media (you can also sell merchandise directly through your Facebook page) and even if it only a few close friends buying into it, you’re still making a little extra money (when your blog becomes really popular, you may notice a few more sales from people you don’t even know).

Of course you can also use your blog to sell any other kinds of services or products you may offer (e.g. paid reviews, tutorials etc.)

Offer private membership
Another way of earning money from blogging is to start a subscription service that will give members access to private content. To do this successfully, you need to already be attracting a fair amount of readers otherwise you’re just creating content that no-one’s going to see. Some bloggers and vloggers will give paid subscribers early access to content and then publish it publicly later. Be aware that this is a risky venture and will not work for all kinds of content.  


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