Fashion Bloggers Share Their Secrets For Success

The world of fashion blogging is competitive. There are hundreds, if not thousands of fashion blogs out there, and they’re all vying for a limited number of clicks and views. When done right, fashion blogs can be an inspiration to millions of people, showing them how they can look and feel their best. What’s more, top fashion bloggers can make a living out of their trade, selling space to advertisers and running promotional content. But all too often, fashion blogs fizzle and die.

Whenever you’re trying to do well at something, it’s a good idea to start out by looking at what the best in the business are doing. In this article, some of the fashion blogosphere’s biggest stars speak out about what they think leads to success.

Ask Yourself, “How Is My Blog Different?”

Every fashion blogger has something that makes them unique. It could be their presentation, their content or their sense of humor. If you’re a blogger just starting out, Raina Penchansky, chief strategy officer of a blogger marketing company, suggests that bloggers find some way to make themselves different from the competition. She suggests coming up with something compelling that’s different. One idea is to think of content you wished existed but doesn’t already. What is it that you’d like to see more of online when reading fashion blogs? If you want it, there’s a good chance that your future readers want it too.

Instagram Is Your Best Friend
Instagram is no longer optional for people who want to start a blog in 2017, says Penchansky. It’s the fastest way to build a following and the easiest way to get your ideas out there on the web. Penchansky says that blogs, in general, are dying, directly as a result of Instagram taking their place. Some bloggers purchase auto views to get their Instagram accounts up and running and on people’s radar. Everything now is about photos of the outfits that you’re going to wear, the outfits you like and pictures of the latest designs by leaders in the fashion industry.

For many people, Instagram is a great venue for finding inspiration. For bloggers, it’s just another medium through which to engage an audience.

High-Quality Content Is The Most Important Thing
It’s always worth remembering that content is king, despite the growing importance of social media. Having a presence on sites like Instagram is necessary for success, but it’s not enough by itself to win loving and loyal fans. To really make an impact, says Penchansky, you have to create amazing content, day after day, often for six months to a year before you start to gain real traction. At first, brand offers to your site will be slow, but over time, as your popularity grows, so too will your invites and advertising revenue.

Gaby Fresh, another top fashion blogger, says that the key to success is to keep all your content fresh. You don’t want to degenerate into a clickbait site. Instead, you want to offer visitors real value by finding out what it is that they are interested in and keeping them updated and informed.


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