Fight Time Back: Looking And Feeling Young For Longer

The modern society is obsessed with age: People are desperate to look younger. While some are happy to go under the scalpel of a surgeon to achieve their goals, there are other ways to keep a youthful appearance. Being young has now become synonymous with being interesting, sexy and beautiful. As a result, most people and specifically women are trying to maintain their youthful look for as long as possible. Here are a few tips for you to make sure that you can not only maintain your look, but also stay genuinely younger for longer.

Keep A Healthy Skin

Your skin is the first thing that betrays your age; consequently, it is essential to take great care of it. Focus on a healthy diet, and do make sure to drink plenty of water to help your skin keep its elasticity and its smooth firmness for as long as possible. It is important to know that unhealthy sun exposure, smoking, alcohol, air pollution and everyday stress can age your appearance dramatically. In short, a younger skin calls for a healthy lifestyle. But this is not all. As your skin ages, it naturally loses the collagen that helps shape and support it. You can find plenty of facial creams that are guaranteed to reduce the lines and wrinkles that then appear. However, they do take time, and they are not always as effective as they say they would be. You can choose more effective treatments for deep lines and wrinkles, such as dermal fillers, which are designed to fill the hollow and sunken surfaces of your skin and smooth the contours of your face.

Keep Younger eyes
Your eyes, and specifically the skin around your eyes, can betray your age very quickly. As it is a very sensitive area, the skin here requires a lot of care to keep your eyes looking young. For a start, you should always make sure to hydrate and moisturize the skin around your skin with high-quality cream. This will help to regenerate the cells and fight everyday attacks, such as eye makeup that can irritate your skin. Additionally, a healthy lifestyle will help to reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, which can immediately age your appearance dramatically!

Keep A Younger Spirit
Surprisingly, age doesn’t only show on your face; it also shows in your behavior and your mind. It is not uncommon for young people to look much older than their age because their behavior doesn’t reflect on their apparent youthfulness. As a result, while it will not take the wrinkles away, maintaining a youthful spirit is a way to fight time and feel younger. So remember to step back into the shoes of your 5-year-old self and to find back the amazement that you once had when you looked at the life around you. You need to keep your mind open for discoveries and adventures in the same way than a child’s mind is, as finding life too dull to be lived is the first sign that your mind is too old for your body. With amazement also comes creativity. Staying creative is an effective way of not only developing your personal talents, with a dedicated workshop for example, but also of keeping your mind open to new possibilities. Think young, stay young!

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  1. I agree that society definitely has an obsession with youth! And I'm right there with wanting to look my best, but I'm hoping this trend will pass!
    I think it's not necessarily bad to get older (as I try to show with my blog by using my mom & stepmom as my models)---and the details that come with age should be embraced!!