Knock 'Em Dead With These Flawless Outfit Ideas For Your First Year At College

Going to college can be a little daunting, but with these outfit ideas, you can boost your confidence and look incredible.

Go Minimalistic
After Courtney Pelot spent the summer before college working as an intern, spending much of her life in cosmopolitan New York, she quickly realized that here style had become a lot more minimalistic. She used to wear lots of bright colors - kids clothes, basically. But her tastes changed once she became acclimatized to workwear in the Big Apple. Now she’s planning on transplanting her new fashion sense from her Eastern roots in New York to her midWestern college campus by wearing lots of black and making her accessories as bold as possible. Right now, she’s using her clothing as a sort of background to her necklaces, which are large, colorful and bold.

Since she’s going back to school, she’s been shopping at places like SomethingGreek clothing and apparel, grabbing things like chic sneakers and vests. It’s all designed to give her that “back to school” look, but one that’s befitting of a fully grown adult.

Mix Things Up
Holly Reimer is enjoying her first year at Iowa University. Her advice is to mix things up during your first year of college. She’s putting traditional clothes together with new patterns, and even combining her day and night wear. One of the things she loves doing is to pair her oversized sweaters with dresses and skirts, especially during the fall and the spring. It’s comfy, she says, and a great way to pull off a chic look.

Go Full On 80s
Meg Gegler, a first-year student at Providence College, certainly isn’t afraid to experiment. She says that the best outfits are when you take a modern trend and make it your own. Meg’s own look is inspired by today’s 80s comeback, wearing dark overalls over a striped jumper. Black and white is her favorite color combination.

Don’t Let Categories Define You
It’s all too easy to get sucked into the world of fashion, thinking you have to dress on way or another. But that’s not how Mason Masogie, a student of the University of Pennsylvania sees it. In fact, she says that the best thing you can do is to mix things up a bit. She’s partial to going out in her bomber jacket and her sneakers for some creative flavor. She’s not particularly interested in what people think. Her advice is to have fun and not to worry about rules of categories.

Layer Over Summer Dresses
Lucy Liu is a senior at Hunter College. Her favorite college wear involves layering extra clothes over her summer dresses. She finds that a denim jacket works really well together with nude heels, so long as they are comfortable.

Button Front Skirts
Eva Thomas who is a senior at the University of Minnesota says that her favorite item of clothing at the moment is the button front skirt. She says that it gives her an A-line silhouette that gives off strong 70s vibes. Paired with metallic shoes, and it’s a showstopper.

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