Celebrate Love With Simple Romantic Touches

For many couples, the countdown to Valentine’s day, the international Cupid’s celebration of love, has already started. While many will be looking at beautiful locations and exquisite presents, there is nothing wrong with a little touch of homely and comforting romance. After all, Valentine’s day is about celebrating love, not breaking the bank. There are plenty of ways for you to remind to your partner how special they are to you in the comfort of your home. So it’s time to embrace now the magic of a cozy romantic evening for the two of you.

Set The Romantic Decor

There is a lot to be said about a romantic décor. This helps to set the ambience. After all, just in the same way that you decorate the house for the festive season to bring a touch of Christmas to your interior, there is nothing that says that you can’t add a touch of romance to your home décor. Play it subtly with a dim light and a few scented candles, or go bold with rose petals on the bed and a photo of you two on the wall, the décor is up to you! Most couples will prefer to play a smooth song and have a candlelit diner, but there are some DIY enthusiasts who love to build a new item for the occasion, such as a heart-shaped picture frame or a chain of flowers to drape across the door.

Be A Stunning Beauty Queen

The main advantage about celebrating Valentine’s day at home is that you have a lot more choices regarding what you choose to wear. You could pick an elegant négligé, or your latest playful item from Freya lingerie, to delicately highlight your silhouette in the light of the candle. Make good use of the beauty advice around you to shine through the night: A little touch of red on the lips, some mascara, and a thin black line to emphasize the shape of your eyes is all you need to turn his head. If you are up for it, spray a little perfume in your neck, for him to smell when he kisses your skin. Remember that when romance is on, less makeup is more! Just have faith in your natural beauty and use makeup to sublimate it.  

Something Simple But Romantic For The Both Of You

At the heart of a Valentine’s day celebration is the romantic diner for the both of you. While it can be a little daunting at first to approach such an important night with your cooking skills, you can find a lot of easy and impressive recipes from a delicious cauliflower bisque to the garlic scallop spaghetti. Don’t forget the truffle box to accompany the dessert with a glass of sweet wine! You don’t have to worry about your cooking skills. Plenty of recipes are easy to follow and guaranteed without possible failure if you stick to the instructions. Besides, what makes a meal romantic is not what’s on the plate, but who’s serving it. So for now all you need to make it work is the right ingredients and a little bit of love in the kitchen, and you diner will be a success!

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