Get Those Pins Out Girls, Spring Is Here!

At last! The months of wrapping yourself up in loads of layers and hiding away under big baggy jumpers, huge coats and wooly hats, are coming to an end.  The warmer weather is just starting to knock on our doors and even though we aren’t there yet, it’s not too early to get out the dresses and start screaming “Spring has arrived” even though, officially, we aren’t quite there.

So you are still going to have to get clever with the layers, but that’s ok.  Even some of our summer dress heroes look amazing layered up from underneath.  Let’s take a look at some of the key dresses for the Spring / Summer lead up and how you can warm them up a little, until we really hit our stride and dig out our knock ‘em dead outfits

The rise of the denim dress has been going on for years and sets to get stronger this season.  Whilst there are lighter versions of this versatile fabric, we are looking for a heavy weave to give us a little head start in keeping warm.  Denim dresses look incredible with turtleneck knits underneath them and with a warm, thick pair of tights.  You can add a little twist with a soft grey scarf or go bold with a brighter one to give your style a little colour pop.  Team with a solid heel and a large trench and you will have a little nod to the spring in your daily wardrobe.  Perfect!

Denim has a darker, more rebellious cousin.  Leather.  There is something that says ‘I don’t give a damn’ about the biker look.  You can bring this into your spring wardrobe by teaming a black leather pencil skirt with medium denier black tights, a chunky ankle boot and a black knitted top.  Style it up with a statement necklace and leave your hair to dry naturally for a sharp, yet relaxed look you can wear to the office.

As Spring really takes shape we can start taking out our lace gypsy dresses, light pastels, whites and cream are the order of the day.  This look is best with a bare leg and cowboy style ankle boot so you may want to wait until the weather really breaks.  However, if you are feeling brave you could throw on a pair of nude tights, although it might be worth going for a dark tan shade, white legs may have everyone asking ‘aren’t you cold’ all day which, quite frankly, is going to make you feel cold.  The other option is to pull on a pair of stone wash skinny jeans underneath is and layer it over a pretty shirt.  This will give you all the warmth you need whilst reminding the world that it’s time to put a spring into your step.

With warmer days, come slightly warmer evenings.  So we can start heading back into our cute dress selections.  Grabbing some spray on, leather look leggings, you can layer it up with dramatic glamour dresses.  A long sleeved body underneath will give you a little extra warmth and you can top it off with one of the seasons must have trench coats.  Think pretty and wild and almost prom chic.  Don’t hold back!

Investing in some mid priced leggings is also a good way of covering up a little but still showing off your pins.  Don’t go for the cheap kind as you will find these bag a little, giving you a kind of Nora Batty look which is not going to do you any favours.  A pair of ripped hot pants over some neat black leggings with a thigh high boot and a big thick jumper can look seriously cool and give you that feeling of summer chic.

Sticking with shorts, taking your summer staple, mid length, tailored shorts and teaming them up with a pair of tights and over the knee boots will look cool in any office setting.  You can go with a heavy cable knit jumper or layer up a few t-shirts and a lighter cotton jumper for a little bit of a softer look, whilst not losing any added warmth when you step out for lunch.  Accessorising is king for this look and you should opt for some longer length necklaces such as pearls or silver jewellery.  I large chunky watch will add a little extra style and smarten you up for the office.  

Go white.  It may seem a little early to bust out this summer favourite but it’s not.  Team a white dress shirt with a light pair of jeans.  Then glam it up with lots of gold bangles.  Throw a denim jacket over the top and a super cute pair of ballet pumps and you will feel floaty and spring like all day long.  You can layer it up underneath with light or skin toned vest tops if you want to keep a little warmth to your core.  You could also team it up with a chunky bright necklace, such as a tribal style and add a colour popping handbag to give a little punch to your look.  Black and white go perfectly together, think about the tuxedo we adore men in, so if you want to add a floaty white shirt, you could tune in to sartorial finesse.

A long waistcoat with a bell sleeved blouse over a pair of black hotpants and tights is an excellent look for work.  The waistcoat gives you a tailored style which delivers if you want to look smart in the office or whilst meeting clients.  Whilst the hotpants will be hidden under the coat, is does give you a little confidence that you won’t be bearing all if you need to crouch down to pick something up.  A bell sleeved blouse in a soft blue gives you a delicate hue and a long sleeve with a little floaty detail.  Perfect for the season transition!

Be the first to announce that Spring is here and let the others follow your lead.  Soon you will be surrounded by everyone wearing little hints of their warm weather wardrobe and who knows?  You might just encourage the sun to come out that little bit sooner!

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