How To Recover From A Break Up

When a relationship breaks down it can be completely devastating and create a rollercoaster of disasters in your life. Sometimes we are forced into dusting ourselves off pretty quickly, getting up and getting on. However this might not be the best way to heal after such an emotional grief.

It's really important to understand that grief works in the same way regardless of what you have lost. So you should familiarise yourself with the five main stages of the grieving process.

Allowing yourself time to process all your emotions is vital for healing completely and ensuring you aren't stuck at one stage of the process for too long.

Anger is something you are bound to experience at some point, that's ok. Depending on the circumstances you may feel you have a right to be angry. The truth is, you have a right to feel any emotion you want. But you must learn to understand when your emotions are healthy and when they are actually more destructive.

Hope and denial are common feelings and again, there is nothing wrong with holding on to a little hope. However if you spend your nights awake talking to psychic hotlines you may need to spend a little bit of time with a bereavement counsellor. If you believe their are people with the ability to tune in to your future, that is fine. Take what they say and then apply some changes. Don't sit still waiting for those changes to come to you.

It's important you sit down and go through what it is that lead to the breakup and look at whether there were things you could have done which may have resulted in a different outcome, it is more important that you don't repeat this cycle convincing yourself you were to blame. Two people make a relationship and it takes two people to break it. Be honest with yourself about the things you could have done better and then focus on improving those traits and working on your flaws, or accepting your flaws and bringing them honestly with you into your next relationship.

Sometimes facing the pain face on is the best way to move forward. So if possible try to sit down with your partner and talk through any unanswered questions you may have. Don't keep going back though. Once you have the answers you were looking for, put it to bed and move forward.

Surround yourself with friends and family. Talk when you need to but try not to dominate all of your social events with conversation based around negativity. You may drive people away, when the most supportive friendships will have a limit to what they can do to help you if you don't seem to be moving forward.

Take your time and experience all the emotions that come your way, just set your mind to doing this in a constructive way without dwelling on things you have no control of. Gather up the reins on the things you do.

You’ll be fine. We promise.

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