Are Your Beauty Habits Aging You?

Let’s get an inconvenient truth out of the way right now: the world is an unfair place. That’s not whining; it’s a fact. People will get jobs they are less qualified for than other interviewees, for example. There are various reasons for this, but it still galls to know it happens.

Appearance is part of the equation. This isn’t just in terms of beauty, which is (as we are always told) in the eye of the beholder. It also relates to how “old” you look. People treat you differently based on age, or perception of it. Your graduation with honors is wonderful - and should be what matters most - however, sometimes you need more if you want to be seen as that thrusting young go-getter an employer shouldn’t want to resist.

Hair: Are You Adding Years To Your Look?
We can, quite without noticing, all end up doing things that make our hair look “older”. There are all the risks of bleaching, which dries the hair out and makes it brittle. If you need a rescue, ideas like can help - but the damage is done.

There are other mistakes, though, we can all be guilty of that cause the same issues.

Use too much heat, or use it too often when styling your hair, and you will dry it out. You will strip it of protective oils and thin it in a hurry. The same is true of over-brushing; no Marsha Brady 100-strokes a night needed here. And did you know if you use a rubber band to tie hair back, you can cause friction that ultimately breaks your hair? So even if you’re in a hurry, take the time to look for a proper hair tie.

Teeth: Show Those Pearly Whites (And They Do Need To Be White)
Most of us probably pick up one or two habits over the years that don’t do our teeth any favors. The irritating thing is that mistakes made in your teens can show up in your 20s and 30s; even when you have given up those habits. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be smoking if you want good teeth. Also, if you drink red wine or coffee, it’s important to make sure you brush your teeth about 30 minutes afterwards.

More importantly, avoid using harsh toothpastes that thin the enamel of your teeth. Once it’s gone, you’ll never get it back. Bear in mind options to add some gleam back to your smile such as, which can instantly knock five years off your perceived age. It’s worth looking at your smile from a personal point, too - if you’re reluctant to smile due to concerns about your teeth, it could damage how you’re perceived.

Skin: Let Nature Put Something Back
Life dries our skin out, even if you do nothing to make it worse. A day in the sun? Bad for your skin. Caught in the rain? That’s bad too. Cold wind? Well you get the general idea here: it’s all bad.

Add to that the impact that everyday stress and exertion can have on your skin, and it’s a potent cocktail of dried skin complaints. When correcting the flaws everyday life throws upon you, take a hand from nature. Don’t use harsh cleansers and toners with dozens of ingredients; you’ll get better results from a more natural approach designed to replenish what has been lost. The drier and less nourished your skin is, the older it will look - so this is an area you have to target with due consideration.

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