Genius Style Hacks To Diversify Your Wardrobe

It can seem that there are reams and reams of celebrities and endless fashion bloggers that have unlimited wardrobes full of amazing fashion. How do they do it, right? But the trick is, other than having items gifted to you, is to tweak the pieces that you already have. With a few small changes to an outfit, you can take a basic outfit to something seriously chic. It can be hard to think up new things to do, though, and it sometimes feels like you need a stylist to help you each morning. But you can do it yourself. Here are a few little tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. Simple changes that will give you major style points and make you look instantly cooler. Read on!

Tie Up a Shirt
If you’re wearing a skirt or jeans with a checked or denim shirt, then sure, it looks good. Team it with some ankle boots and a scarf, and you’ve got a pretty great outfit. But to make it look even more stylish and flattering, then you need to tie up the shirt to emphasise your waist. To keep it classy and not show off your belly, then make sure that you’re wearing a plain vest underneath the shirt. So undo the last few buttons on your shirt and tie them up. Then neaten the ends and adjust them to sit how you want.

Customise Your Clothes
You might have an old denim jacket that needs a little love or some jeans that have seen better days. But you can keep wearing them. They might just need an update with some customising. You could sew on a patch on the jeans or iron on some badges to the jacket. Then you really will have a piece of clothing that is one of a kind. You could even look into something like custom t-shirt printing. Slogan tees are a big trend, right? But you could choose to have one say something that is perfect for you. So if you can’t find one that you just love, then why not make your own?


Cuff Your Jeans
Ankle grazer jeans are a big look at the moment. Worn with ankle boots when it is a bit chillier or with some Birkenstocks in the summer, it is a good look. But the way to make them look even better is to roll up the bottom of the jeans. This works especially well with blue denim jeans, as the cuff will be a different colour to the rest of the jeans. It instantly makes the outfit look more finished and polished. It even works well with boyfriend jeans too. It helps you to taper them at the ankles a little bit, making them look more smart than casual. Meaning you can wear them with heels, not just sporty pumps. Versatility? Tick.

Are there any style tips and tricks that you would add to the list? I’d love to hear what you think.

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