How To Keep the Pounds Off After Weight Loss

We all know that weight loss can be tricky. And it can also be a big investment both in financial and time terms. When you get to the stage where you are content with your body image, the last thing you want to do is pile all the weight back on again quickly. But if you don’t keep up your discipline and motivation, that’s exactly what is likely to happen.

If you’re not sure where to begin, here’s some advice for keeping the weight off after you have lost it.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

You may have followed the latest diet to lose weight or you may have used a non-surgical procedure like those found on However you achieved your weight loss, the best way to keep it off is by maintaining a balanced diet. Try to plan your weekly meals in advance, writing out a shopping list and sticking to it as closely as you can. This way, you are less likely to pick up the things you simply don’t need. This may be a good opportunity for you to learn some new healthy cooking techniques! Keep a weekly diet plan and factor in any meals out or other changes you need to make on a regular basis. It’s also a good idea to eat breakfast as this will help keep you fuller during the day.

Keep Up Your Workout Motivation
Regular exercise is something that you should keep up during your whole life, but sometimes it is very easy to lose your motivation. Try to vary your workout routines as much as possible to keep things interesting. Join a new exercise class or take up a new sport - variety is the spice of life after all! Treat yourself to some new workout clothing or equipment and you are much more likely to want to try it out. One of the best ways not to lose your motivation is having a workout partner. Not only will you want to push yourself against them, they can drag you out of the house on the days you simply don’t feel like exercising!

Set Yourself Goals

Everyone works best when they are trying to hit goals - and it also feels great when you actually achieve them. If you are into running, it may be that you want to finish a race in a certain time or even just reach a certain distance. If you are a fan of yoga, you may want to achieve a particular pose and hold it for a few seconds. Once you have achieved your goal, make sure you set yourself a new one so you always have something to work towards.

Watch Your Weight
Keep an eye on your weight on a regular basis to make sure there are no drastic changes. If you weigh yourself regularly, you are more likely to be able to identify the issue and what you can do to resolve it and stay healthy.   


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