Is It Time To Sort Out Your Partner's Wardrobe?

As a responsible partner, there's one thing you want - the best for your partner! You want them to be happy, healthy and of course, you want them to look good.

While you should be able to make them happy, dragging them to the gym or the doctors can be a pain. But helping them look good? It just takes an eye for fashion and a brain that can take in a little bit of information! We’re going to focus on men today, but a lot of the advice is unisex, so don’t worry!

Why would you want to refresh your partner’s wardrobe? Well everyone can get a little bit comfortable and that’s fine, but if they aren’t dressing nicely, that’s something you can help fix. Bad fashion is well remedied by good advice and a decent budget - plus good clothes are timeless.

One of the most important things to consider when buying clothes for sorting out a wardrobe is sizing. For men, this is simple as most men's clothing is separated into distinct sizes. For women, it can be a heck of a lot harder! Women's sizes vary from brand to manufacturer. No matter what, a keen eye can identify sizes, and this information is stored in the wardrobe of your partner so there is no way that you can get this wrong! It's easy to master the size charts as they are also widely available. Sizes do change though, and if you and your partner are trying to lose weight, this can make buying clothes pretty tricky. Fear not though, this just gives you more reason to refresh the wardrobe as you can replace old garments with better fitting versions!

It’s also important to refresh and sort the wardrobe with clothes that your partner would like to wear. Their fashion sense might be off, but if they aren’t going to wear the clothes that you are buying, this has been a pointless mission! Notice what they like to wear and use this to base your wardrobe refresh upon.

In some cases, with worn and dirty age old shirts and jeans - it can be a case of a ‘scorched earth’ policy. Everything must go! Ideally, there should be some pieces you can keep. If your partner is informal, this is easy to do. To build a new wardrobe from scratch, start from the feet upwards.

Footwear is the basis of any good outfit and two pieces of signature footwear to complement some cheaper options is a great foundation. Two signature pieces work well here - just keep them maintained with brushing and polishing if suitable. Functional footwears comes in the style of the classic walking boot if your partner is an outdoor adventurer or a smart loafer, if they are a dinner kind of person! This is where your knowledge of your partner comes in - what type of person are they? Finish off their footwear with something that serves a purpose.

Get a few good t-shirts in plain block colors that work all year round. They have to be good quality so that they last and are versatile. Of course, they need to fit great as well! Good t-shirts are cheap and cheerful and come in a number of styles from scoop-neck to slouchy and baggy. Choose what works for the wardrobe in question. Button down shirts are great as well, just opt for the oxford shirt which works in a number of environments.

Accessories work well, but it depends on the type of wardrobe that you are building. If it's more formal, you want a few glitzy watches, but if it's informal you could go for bracelets and even more extravagant hip hop jewelry from Frost NYC. It really does depend on the type of person that you are buying for!

Trousers and jeans need to work for both work and play. A suit will cover the formal occasions while chinos and jeans can be used for both work and at the park. Don't be afraid to buy a number of items here, but make sure they are refined and durable.

No-one needs thousands of pieces of outerwear. A statement jacket will do for those long winter months. Furs and leathers work amazing here for this show-stealing piece that isn't just your normal parka. Don't be afraid to go extravagant here. A number of lighter options for the spring and summer can come in the form of day-jackets and bomber jackets.

Building a new wardrobe requires a few things and chief among them is knowledge. If you know who you are buying for, you’ll succeed! If you don’t, you’ll waste money

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