Living Life To The Full Is In Your Hands

We have a tendency to live our lives on autopilot. It’s not intentional; between peer and societal pressure, we fall into things that we might otherwise have not fallen into. The clothes we were, the jobs we hold, the things we do for fun...they tend to fall into a pretty narrow spectrum. The golden rule of life, then, is to live your own life, to the absolute fullest as possible. It can be anything you like, so long as it’s yours. The clarity of your life should, to you, be 20/20. Anything less and you’re doing yourself a disservice.


Every Decision Is Yours

It’s a brand new day, how will you spend it today? If you were given the opportunity to do anything you like, what would you be doing? Most people don’t realise it, but the truth do have the opportunity to do anything you like, it’s just most people don’t exercise that opportunity. Instead, they fall into whatever rocks the boat less. They’re happy, but probably slightly unfulfilled. Every decision you make is yours. You can choose to work in an office, or you can choose not to. It’s that simple. Admittedly, things do get more complicated when you have others dependent on you...but that was your choice too!

Taking Care of the Essentials

Living life to the full doesn’t have to be about jumping out of airplanes or going on an epic adventure. It’s about the basics of life being met. If you’re walking around with poor eyes, then you’re not seeing the world as you really deserve to - check out and get back to HD vision. It’s a beautiful world, and you don’t want to miss it! Also, think about what you’re putting into your body. Pizza and chips might satiate a desire, but you’ll only be taking care of your immediate desires. Eat well, eat like you mean it, and enjoy the good things life has to offer. Also: exercise! Can’t stress that one enough. Your body is a miracle and deserves to feel as close to 100% as possible.


No Excuses

It’s all too easy to fall into what other people are doing. If your friends and coworkers are settling down or staying in, then we can get to thinking that that’s what we should be doing. But is it, really? What might we choose to do instead if we set out our own path, rather than following the one that was set for us? You only have one life to live. Live with the best of your own intentions and you might just become a person who inspires others.

The Golden Rule: Think!

Everything we do has a consequence, however small it might be. The key to living life to the full is to really think about our decisions. What we wear, how we spend our time, where we devote our energies and so forth. If you can accept all your decisions, then you’ll have a life of your own making.

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