You're Beautiful, It's True

One of the most heartbreaking things for any mother to witness is her teenage daughter feeling too fat, too skinny, too ugly. It burns us, moms, especially because we have felt that too, in our childhood. We know that no matter how much someone else tells you, you’re beautiful, you won’t believe it until you feel it yourself.

As we grow older, becoming confident seems to happen a little easier. By the time women reach their forties it is said we glow with confidence, maybe this is why there has been a real rise in the cougar? It is true though the more a woman ages, the more confident she becomes in herself, then it becomes frustrating because the time in your life where you need the most confidence, is usually when you lack in it.

There are some ways you can boost your self-confidence, though, it is a hard journey, but if you are prepared, to be honest with yourself, then you can unlock the secret to body and personality confidence.

Starting with your body, the best way to gain confidence is to stand completely naked and look in the mirror. Look at your body. How do you feel? You need to be very honest here; no one else is around so telling yourself what it is you like, and what you don’t, is easier.  Once you have established the areas of concern and highlighted the ones you love, you can get to work on your confidence. First steps will be to work out what you can do to change the bits you want to change. Perhaps you feel you have muffin tops (we all do) or that your breasts are too saggy. If you can make changes to diet and exercise that is going to boost your sassiness straight away. If you have been considering augmentation services, then we strongly urge you to wait until you have worked on everything else that is making you body conscious. The decision to have surgery should only be made when you are certain your issues are coming from this one area. It might be that if you tone up and reshape your muscles, you realize your breasts are fabulous as they are.

Another way to get body conscious is to start looking at other women the way you look at yourself. Use a critical eye. It is hard to do because when we look at our friends, we only see their good features. This is the eye you need to look at yourself with, however trying to look at other women with the same uncompromising attention to flaws you view yourself with, will help you realize none of us are flawless. Just don’t tell anyone you are doing this! It’s mean.

All women have body issues; we are never really 100 percent happy with how we look, the only secret older women have is that they have learned to accept themselves. They see the beauty in the flaws and realize it is those areas that make them unique and extraordinary.

Find the ability to do that; You will conquer the world.

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